Friday, August 26, 2011

We Danced On The Moon

Brad and I drove to the Salt Flats. 
I had never been before.  

We made an adventure out of it. 
We stopped and looked for ghost towns.
We stopped to explore in the sunshine.

Sadly we got to the Salt Flats as it started to get dark.

I tried so hard not to get disappointed.
It was a two hour drive, I didn't want it to be for nothing..

We drove to Wendover, ate french fries, got gas and turned back..

Right into the most stunning site I had ever seen.
We stopped the car and spent a good long time taking pictures of the night sky.
I left the shutter open for nearly a minute to get these photos..
No photoshop was used. The sky was brilliant.
Then I got a brilliant idea.. 
"Brad, dance with me."
Brad said, "I'm not a very good dancer.."
I say, "It will look like we are dancing on the moon!"
So there we were,
on the side of the highway as the cars and semi's blew past us... 
Dancing on the moon.
And on the drive home I mentioned to Brad, 
that this was going to be one of those memories..
you know, the ones you never let go of.

Where we stopped on the side of the road, and danced together.

To no music..
except the sound of the cars.
To no light..
Except the light of the stars.


  1. awe :) That is definitely one of your best posts! So romantic!

  2. Thanks! :) It made ME a little teary eyed.. :)

  3. I love the ones of you dancing. That is so awesome, I really want to go there now and do a photo shoot.

  4. That's the most beautiful thing I've seen in a long while. I don't think you got to the salt flats late at all, I think things worked out perfectly. You definitely have a bit of magic in you Rachael!

  5. True beauty in the barrenness. How wonderful, treetalker!

  6. Thanks Loz! We are going back today.. I'm excited!
    Ken- That was the sweetest thing EVER! Thanks so much for your comment. :) You made me smile!!

  7. Thanks Weird Amiga! I'll get some pictures of it during the day too! It's breathtaking!

  8. What amazing photos! The first photo and the sixth (?) photo down where you and Brad are dancing and the camera picked you up in more than one spot would make spectacular paintings...What a memory to treasure <3

  9. Oh man. So precious. Makes me want to cry cause it's so beautiful :) Gorgeous shots!
    From Clarissa @ :)

  10. This almost made me cry! So beautiful, and what a lovely memory to have. I especially loved the pictures of the stars, they just made me feel so small...

  11. This is extremely beautiful, gorgeous pictures. :)

  12. these photos are just incredible! love them!

  13. those pictures are absolutely beautiful! I would love to learn how to take breath taking pictures like you. One day I will learn how to use my big SLR!

  14. These are beautiful pictures!!! This post reminds me of the time my boyfriend and I drove out to the middle of nowhere to watch a meteor shower in the wintertime. We were freezing, and ended up dancing around and singing on the side of the road too. So I know what you mean about it being a special memory :)

  15. the words and photos work so well together! Your photos really give the sense of the moment, and your writing reminds me of ani difranco. I hope you take that as the compliment it's intended to be. my blog is:

  16. As a New York City girl, to see stars like this is really a dream of mine. What a beautiful little adventure!

  17. Aw thanks so much everyone! Britty-Boo, you should learn to use the SLR. I LOVE mine, it's sooo fun!
    Claire- That sounds so wonderful! I'm glad we have similar memories!
    Angelleighdesigns- I like Ani Difranco! I did take that as a compliment. :)
    The Heart Of The City- It's hard to see stars when you live in a city! But, you should totally take a trip to the middle of no where. :) It's worth it!

  18. Sorry for the double comment, but I'm curious, do you have a remote for your camera? Or did you use a 30" shutter speed for the pictures with you and Brad in them?

  19. Thanks Kate! I can't wait to see you on Monday and Sunday!
    It's okay Claire! I used a remote for these pictures.. sometimes i used the timer.. but I was always SO blurry.

  20. favorite. post. ever.

    no really, it doesn't get more magical than that!

    the photos are breathtaking!!!!

    xxx, kara

  21. Thanks Kara! It's one of my favorites too :)
    Thank you Alycia! xoxo

  22. Magical! Amazing!



    I saw little dancing; lotso' kissin' (even better) *giggle*

  23. SO beautiful. Treetalker, Moonwalker, dancing under the light of the stars.

    Wow I dont usually get like that... <3

    all the love!

  25. spectacular, and now you could sail away on a beautiful pea green boat

  26. Those photos are so lovely, and your story made me a little teary.

    "this was going to be one of those memories..
    you know, the ones you never let go of"

    Just Beautiful :)

  27. WOW. This is one of the most spectacular things I've ever seen!

  28. Those pics are wonderful. Have you ever seen the film 'just like love' - those dancing pics reminded me of the pics taken in the film.

  29. What wonderful photos Rachael. Very inspiring, and you are right, you totally look like you are dancing on the moon. Looks like a scene straight out of the movies.

  30. Thanks Caty :)!
    KitKat- I haven't seen that.. I want to now!
    Thanks so much Jennifer! :)

  31. Oh my goodness. Found you through Craft Gawker. The image of the two of you dancing is just pure romance!

  32. so beautiful...I love the one with little shadows of you all over the wistful


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