Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Full Of Magic

The world is full of magic. 
It truly is.

Sometimes you have to look extra hard for the sunshine.

Sometimes you have to look for beauty in the ruins... the old. the forbidden places,
... and in the mysterious.
The Earth is a Sacred place. 
It is a home to all who inhabit it. 
Big and Small.
Our Mother Earth is full of treasures.
Left especially for us to find, meant to heal our hearts,
and souls.
The sun is there to shine on us.
Give us warmth,
both body and spirit.
And the trees are here to shade us.
And teach us how to persevere.
To stand our ground. 
And reach for the sky.
We live in a giant, beautiful place.
Life is full of twists and turns.
Ups and downs.
Gives and takes.
We can choose our own road.
We can be what we want to be.
No matter the twists and turns.
No matter how rough life can get.

Despite it all...

The world is a beautiful place.
Full of magic.


  1. you are awesomeness and these pictures are awesomeness

  2. there is so much pain and darkness, but every morning we are reminded there is light and a clean slate for new vision and outlook. this post reminded me of that

  3. How beautiful!! I love seeing all the magical places you travel to!! :)

  4. Hollie- It's so true. That's what this post is about.. I'm so glad it reminded you of that. It's something I need to be reminded of quite often.
    Megan- Thank you! This place wasn't too far.. it was about an hour from my home. I was searching for a ghost town, but I only found one house. :)

  5. love this post. so true. my heart is right there with you. these photos are gorgeous. i would love to see that view, amazing. and that old building... mmmmmmm.... in love. thank you!

  6. Thanks so much Laura! I love the beauty of old buildings! xoxo

  7. I'm still smiling at the comment "you are awesomeness..." and I agree.

  8. Thanks Robin! That comment made me smile too. :)

  9. I love this, it's so beautiful and inspiring. Thank you!

    ♥ LW

  10. Thanks Elledoubleyouu! ps I LOVE your username!

  11. this is absolutely gorgeous! i love that picture of the tree!

  12. This is fantastic. i love the spider web and what we learn from trees

  13. Thanks Katie! That tree was so beautiful! It was in the middle of nowhere.. the only green thing in almost a mile! I love lone trees. :)
    Thanks so much Emily! That spider wed was so beautiful. I'm just glad I didn't run into any spiders.. I'm afraid of them!

  14. this post just oozes authenticity and peace. i love it! thank you.

  15. Thanks Bethany! It was a very very peaceful place too! xoxo

  16. Wow!!! I wanna go explorin with you, you visit the most beautiful places!

  17. You take the most breath-taking pictures I've ever seen. I always love your work! :)

  18. Thanks Claire! I had no idea this place even existed until we decided to just start driving!
    Caty- Thank you so much! That was sooo sweet of you to say!!

  19. I love all your pictures. I never thought Utah could be so beautiful. That's one place I will certainly have to visit!!!

    ps. You won my giveaway!!!! :) If you could please email me your full name & address and I can send your goodies to you!! Hooray!

  20. I'm trying so hard to see magic in things but at the moment it is so hard!

  21. Erin- I just read your blog. It made me cry! I can see why finding magic would be hard for you right now.. I know how that goes.. I'm so sorry. I'll be thinking good thoughts for you! <3

  22. Thank you so much for your kind words and thoughts. <3


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