Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cold Sunlight

My mother and I had a knitting session over Skype this Sunday.  This is what I made. I love these headbands oh so much. They are so warm and cozy and a lot of fun to make!

Taylor and I drove to park that was off limits to everyone except residents and guests. The sunlight was perfect and I was getting bored of my old backgrounds so we decided to take some pictures of the newest creations for Etsy.

It was freezing. 
I'm very glad I know how to use photoshop.
I edited out a lot of goose bumps.

These wrist warmers were a custom order to match the hat I just posted.

Here is a headband in honor of Valentines Day.  Beautiful sun eh? Don't be fooled.. even though the sun was shining it was still freezing.

Check me out here!!

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