Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Time

I was busy. I couldn't help it. Taylor was busy with his new video game and TV screen. I was busy knitting.

I could have cleaned the house. I could have roasted a turkey. 

I didn't.

I knitted.

Then I painted. 

Then I played with my new camera. 

from Santa.

She's a cutie eh? 

She helped me take pictures of my knitting.

Notice anything new? My hair is now brown. 
Not my favorite shade of brown... and hopefully it will be changing soon.

Oh I almost forgot. 
Bizzy Cards came. 
This isn't the best picture.. I know... 
it's just I promised to show these to my mother.

Best part? I didn't spell anything wrong!
Remember my spelling error in my wedding invitations?!


  1. I love the bizzy cards. Your new headband-hats are really cute!

  2. you are going to love that camera, I bought my wife one for her birthday a couple years ago!

    ...and the new pics look great, as does the new hair color!

  3. Your hats are the cutest things I ever did see. LOVE a good gnome hat :) they show up in my paintings all the time! Nice to meet you~


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