Monday, March 2, 2015

Lunar Forecast for 3-2-15

Lunar Forecast
This Lunar Forecast is a look at the emotional influences from the moon for this week. The moon plays an important part in our lives. She controls our subconscious, our emotions and even our habits. The moon travels through the different houses of the zodiac, giving us different themes and experiences. This forecast is in MST and includes some of the major aspects and transits of the week.
Today the moon is in Leo. Leo brings in the desire to be noticed, appreciated and heard. You will feel more open to expressing your feelings and emotions. When the moon is in Leo the mood is usually joyful and cheerful with the subconscious desire to be seen and heard. This is a good time to perform, create, and express yourself in any way.
On Tuesday the 3rd the moon will be VOC at 1:47am and will last all day. The Void of Course periods are great for finishing projects, and tying up loose ends. Tuesday also has some wonderful lucky energy flowing that day! Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance in sunny Leo will be a perfect trine to Uranus the planet of “the unexpected” on this day.  This aspect is supportive of lucky breaks, good luck, and unexpected welcome events! Be sure to make the most of this lucky day!
Wednesday the 4th the moon will transition into Virgo at 4:57am. Attention towards detail is on the increase; cleanliness and neatness are a priority at this time. This day may be a bit of an emotional roller coaster with Venus in Aries trine Jupiter, and conjunct Uranus, ending with a square to Pluto. The day may start out just fine, but some unexpected events may lead to troubles of the heart.
Thursday the 5th is the full moon in Virgo, with Sun in Pisces sextile Pluto. This full moon presses us to find balance within our lives. Virgo and Pisces are opposite each other, seeking balance between disorder and order, physical health, and spiritual heath, work and vision. A great read on the full moon.  
Friday the 6th the moon will be Void of Course most of the day until 5:52pm when it transitions into Libra. Partnerships and relationships will be in focus. The desire for balance and harmony is on the increase. This weekend has some great supportive energy to fulfill your social life. 
On Saturday the 7th the moon will be in Libra all day. Libra moons are great for social gatherings, celebrations and meetings. There is a desire for mutual understandings and light-hearted conversations. The ability to make decisions or plans tends to suffer during the Libra moon, so do all the planning in advance.
            Sunday the 8th the moon will be in Libra until 7:23 pm when it will be VOC for the rest of the night. The VOC after Libra will carry over much of the Libra energy, making it another great night for social interactions. 

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