Friday, February 27, 2015

Looking Close

25% off sale is extended until 12am tonight! 
I wanted to extend the sale and add the 2 newest paintings into the shop! Use Code : SPRING25 for 25% off!

I also wanted to show you some close ups for the new paintings and explain why I used what I did! 

These are some of my favorite works so far and I wanted them to be included in the sale! I've included some details and closeups of the paintings. 

Sterling brought me home Danish farmers almanacs from the 1920's once. He found them inside an old trailer he was working on. They smelled awful. They had been sitting in storage for years!

I was elated when he brought them home. After they aired out and were cleaned, I looked through each page.. putting bookmarks in for future ideas.

This woman's bust started out from an ad from the old farmers almanac. This one was 1923 I think. The painting also has charts and dates of moon phases and planetary alignments behind paint.

 The owl was free handed with no reference photos. In my original photograph that was a light from someone's porch, but I didn't wand houses in this, so I chose to paint an owl of similar hue.

Owls have been showing up a lot for me. Barn owls especially. This one in particular reminds me of a memory where I came face to face with an owl.

He was perched on pole directly in front of me, he seemed to glow in the dark night sky. We only caught a glimpse of each other. Before I could take a breath of pure awe, he stepped off his pole. His body dropped, but his head remained, eyes still locked with mine. And with a swoop of his wings, he flew upward revealing the moonlight.

"Arranging Stars"
9x12 Mixed Media on Canvas 

This next piece I called "Your Voice" I started out not knowing where it would go. I've already blogged a bit about this piece earlier, so I won't mention too much more, but I did want to point out, that the cathedral painted in there is The Cathedral of The Madeline. This is the cathedral I'm constantly taking photos of and posting on Instagram. The other papers and ephemera in this painting are from old books from the 1960's. 

"Find Your Voice"
9x12 Mixed Media on Wood 

I would SO appreciate the help of spreading the news! 


  1. Love these paintings! They feel deep and resonating.

  2. Would you ever consider doing a time lapse video of a painting? I am not an artist in the painting sense so I don't know if what I'm asking is too personal, but I am so intrigue by mixed media portraits. I really adore them!


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