Wednesday, February 25, 2015


I love to find the balance between chaos and refinement. I love splattering paint, and scribbling onto a canvas.. and then I love looking deeper, and peering close. 

I love finding little details to expound upon. I like blurring my eyes and seeing where images come out. I love watching faces emerge from out of nowhere and I like to ask my canvas, "Who wants to come out."

Sometimes I even leave a painting background for several days until I see something emerge from textures and colors. 

I have found that I usually paint women. I'm not entirely sure why. In fact, I was discussing this over tea the other day! Why do women painting other women?

To me, woman are beautiful and they hold a sense of mystery about them. When I paint, I like to convey emotion and spark thoughts. What better way to personify emotion, then to add a face.

The intuitive side of a woman is the side of mystery. The High Priestess of The Tarot represents the mysterious and secretive side of Woman. She holds the keys to greater understanding, and divine mystery. She is secretive, spiritual and mysterious. This is the type of woman I like to paint. 

This painting is called "Apparition" because she appeared like a spirit.This is one of the first "restricted color scheme paintings that I've tried in a while. I chose to keep the colors pink, and yellow, with slight variations of black and darker brown. I feel like the restricted pallet sets a mood and a tone.

I finished painting the background and couldn't decide what I wanted to use in the foreground. I was experimenting with intuitive painting as well as some new water soluble pastels. I started to notice some facial features within the brush strokes of the background.

So, I took my pastels and started drawing! The water soluble pastels turn into paint when you bring water over them. Kind of like a mix between acrylic and watercolor. I had so much fun drawing, then blending with water.

I kept kicking myself for not having bought these sooner! Especially since they were in my amazon card for four years! 


16x20 mixed media Original

8x10 high Quality Prints

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  1. I really, really, really love this one. So much. And I love that you mentioned The High Priestess because that has been my card of the week :) Agh. I just love this and you really make me want to paint. I just have no clue where to start...


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