Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Taking A Snow Day

I know snow is all everyone is talking about lately... and I don't have a single thing to complain about! Our poor mountains and forests need the snow so badly! 

We've only had a few snow falls this entire winter. I remember the last time we had a winter this dry, we had forest fires and ash in the air for weeks! So, I'm very thankful for some much needed snow, especially in the mountains!

I woke up yesterday and was informed there was a blizzard outside. (If I don't have my contacts in, I can't see a thing!) Even though the snow didn't have any real effect on my work, I still took the day off.

I just couldn't seem to focus on my work. You know that feeling, when it feels like a Friday, but it's only a Tuesday? That's kind of how yesterday was. It just felt like a snow day.

So, I went with it. 

      Wicket wasn't too happy about the snow. He never is.

Yesterday we ran some much needed errands.. but in the midst of it all, 
we decided to stop at one of our favorite places in the city. 

I love having special places to visit. 
And the view from this one is pretty spectacular.
These are all straight from my phone. No filter. The sky was incredible.

Today I've noticed that the snow is melting, just a bit. 
And the grass underneath it is a brilliant green. Thankful for the snow day. 

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