Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thursday Threads - Windy In The City

It's been forever since I've posted an outfit series on the blog! Like before I even moved.. since the summer! There are several reasons for this.. first is I've stopped all collaborations with fast fashion companies. You know... the companies that just keep pumping out clothing..  clothing that falls apart within 3 months because it is not made to last.. it's made to be there for a season. These are the same companies that utilize slave labor, with poor or even fatal working conditions. GMO cotton is used for the production of the clothing, and  harmful chemicals are in the dyes, which end up getting dumped into public water. And then the clothing is shipped, which is also harmful to the environment. You can read more about it here. 
So, I decided against buying new clothing! Unless it's handmade, upcycled, recycled, thrifted, or a company I really know and support; I won't be making any purchases of new clothing. 
I think you have all seen this shift in my outfits as I usually tag "thrifted" at the bottom. 

I guess most outfit posts are about where someone gets the outfit, so others can recreate it by buying that same piece. That's not what my outfit photos are about. Instead I want to show the world how fashionable you can be without buying new clothing. I will admit, some of the thrifted clothing I get are products of fast fashion, but at least when it's bought second hand, it doesn't go into the pockets of greedy corporations. Most thrift stores even donate proceeds to shelters or those in need. So, it's a slightly better option. 

All outfit details are thrifted. 

P.S. Sterling recently asked me when I became such an activist.. (I've also decided to become plastic free..) I had no idea... It just happened. One day I woke up, shrugged to myself and said "turns out I'm an activist, feminist and environmentalist." I'm just a small person living on spaceship earth... but I do hope to make a difference. 

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  1. Being these three things means you have a caring nature. And I suspect you've been like that for a long time.

  2. My mentality I have found is shifting the exact same way you are. I've thrifted for years and the more I do it, the more I feel like it's such a wonderful thing that a lot of people should do. I also believe in promoting small well deserved businesses that can be drowned out by the larger corporations who pump out the cheap stuff. Thanks for this post! Loved seeing an outfit post of yours pop up on my blogger feed!

  3. I'm sending you an air-high-five right now. I'm tired of this cookie-cutter mentality where people want the same exact, mass-produced piece of clothing as someone else. What happened to individual style? That's one of the many reasons I enjoy reading your are very much your own person. For the last decade I've been either thrifting, making my own, or paying my talented friends to design my clothing and it feels great to walk the walk in such a creative way.

  4. I love this. So much. It's really difficult for me to get past wanting the latest and newest and the things that everyone else seems to have. But thrifting sounds like the best idea. I need to look into my local thrift stores and see what i can find. Thank you for this. :) Also, your outfit is adorable.


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