Thursday, December 4, 2014

Magic Moments

This morning I had the hardest time waking up and getting out of bed. All of the neck and back pain I mentioned in my last post seems to have doubled.. making it hard to turn my head, or even raise my arms. My stomach had sharp pains that screamed at me when I moved, begging me to stay in bed. And a stuffy nose has kept me congested, on the brink of a sinus headache. Every joint seems to be aching and screaming at me today. 
I sent Sterling a text message while still curled under the covers. I told him I was sick and he asked what I thought it was... My answer: "Stress. It's finally caught up with my body." 

I reluctantly pulled my stiff and sore body out of bed. It took me extra time to get dressed, to make the bed, and straighten up the room. By the time I got my boots on, I was out of breath. I sat down on the bed and made an intention for the day.  

Today I will nourish my soul through magic moments. 

I don't mean just nourishing my body and soul with good foods and rest.. 
but I mean noticing the magic moments between each bite. 
Magic moments that warm my soul through the sheer beauty of my day to day. 
Though I won't be doing much, I do plan to look for the magic, heart warming and soulful moments.

Opening a pomegranate and seeing it's beautiful patterns. Sacred geometry. Little gems. Working the seeds out of their beds and tasting them one by one. The first sip of coffee when I get the perfect amount of sugar.  No cream. Just sweet rich coffee. The warmth on my hands as I sip and stare out the window from "my spot" overlooking the city." Watching a girl in a santa hat put up Christmas lights in her solitary apartment. Breathing in my warm apartment. A pecan pie scented candle. Looking at my art space, the used brushes, the things that inspire me. My crystal collection that fills my home with positive and healing vibes. Heated blankets. Pups who love to snuggle. My favorite finds. Thrift store mugs. Found lights. Sinking into my deliciously deep bathtub. Where Merlin sits and watches the rose petals float. Watching him discover water, and bubbles, and waiting to see when he gathers the courage to jump in. Reading my favorite books. Listening to classical music. Doodling, painting, and drawing with no reason. The trees in the wind. The crisp outside air. The warm sweet inside air. 
And like that, my day is half way done. 

My body will repair itself on it's own. But I know right now, my soul needs to notice the magic moments. Because when someone is stressed, the stop noticing the magic moments. 

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  1. Thank you Melissa! We are doing alright. He's working a lot this week. He works about an hour away and is gone for nearly 10 hours.. so we don't see a whole lot of each other, but we are alright. :)

  2. Living in those magic moments are my favorite. It's amazing the pure joy you can get of something as small as opening a pomegranate and sipping coffee. I love that you don't add creamer. I only add local honey to my coffee for a wee bit of sweetness and to fight off allergies.

    Get well soon, my dear.

  3. Bethany, you took the words as if they were MY words! :)

  4. I love your decor ! Everything seems well, you're right so magic :)


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