Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Deciding To Look

Somewhere in the dusty archives of this blog, you can find posts, pictures and stories about the walks I took with Mowgli. For those of you who are new here, Mowgli was my pup.. He passed away nearly 4 years ago. My ex-husband, Mowgli and I used to travel around quite a bit. My ex worked a lot, and Mowgli and I had the entire days to ourselves. (Much like my current days with Meko and Wicket.) Home alone... all day to work, play, paint, blog, and write.
 Aside from the ex husband, that was my ideal life! 

Back then, Mowgli and I had daily walks. This is something I've taken for granted.. When I got divorced, and Mowgli passed away I no longer took the daily walks. When I got Wicket I had a large backyard, and every place I lived with Wicket and Meko have had large yards, so I kind of forgot the adventures of taking walks with the pups! At the last place I used to take them on daily evening walks around the block... but that's not exactly what I'm talking about.. 

When you live in an apartment, you have to take several walks. The walks are the potty breaks for the pups, and they need more than just an evening walk. The pups need to go out no matter what. I no longer have the option to let them go outside and play while I stay warm and cozy. 

Each morning, I have to wake up, get fully dressed and take them out on a little walk. Rain, snow, or sun.. We have to go outside on a little walk. Only recently has it reminded me of my days walking around strange new streets with Mowgli. I would bring my camera, he would bring his nose and we would explore our new area together. It was like a daily adventure for us. 
Several short walks and one long adventure, every day. No matter how cold, or hot. 

 After moving to Salt Lake City, I found that I have fallen into the same habit with Meko and Wicket, and we all love it. I am always snapping photos, either with my camera or my phone, and they are always exploring with their little noses. 

When I first thought to move into an apartment my biggest apprehension was the dogs... needing to take them out several times, but now it's one of my favorite parts of the day. 

Something about getting outside and stopping when a dog stops to sniff.. No distractions, but to look around and see the beauty. We never rush our walks. When one pup stops to sniff a pole or a rock, we all stop to take a look around. All of these photos were taken when one pup was conveniently stopping to smell something new. 

Oh the things we see when we decide to look.  

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  1. <3 so sweet. It's wonderful to get out and about and notice nature. As artists, I think sometimes we can become hermit-like, even with our love for nature. Maybe I have not known you very long, but it is beautiful to have seen your journey from just this past year when you seemed to be in a sad place; now, even with the sad or dark moments, I have seen you come out of the shadows, dance with nature and just blossom and seem so happy! Nature certainly has a way of healing the soul. <3


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