Monday, September 8, 2014

Trying To Feel At Home During A Move

There is always a sense of displacement when you move. The week before, and the week after seem to be an uncomfortable time, as there is much to be doing to get ready, but also so much to do to live a normal life! How do you feel at home when you feel your home changing? When you see old things go out the door, new things coming in.. knowing your days in one area are being counted down.. It's a very surreal feeling! I'm so excited and ready to move forward, but I'm going to miss this house so much!

I will be getting the keys to my new place in exactly one week! I still have so much to do to get ready. This last weekend was a stressful one. I was super busy packing, donating, organizing and planning. I painted furniture, sold furniture, and built furniture! Some things like our entertainment center, and washing machine won't be able to come with us. The entertainment center is huge! It is way too heavy and awkward to get into the new place, so hopefully it will sell soon. I had someone text me about it earlier, but they stopped texting about an hour ago. Would it seem desperate if I texted them saying "Please take it??"? I won't. Just to be safe.
Over the weekend I had a bit of a panic attack. We went thrifting to look for a new light weight entertainment center, something that will fit in our new house. We went to just about every thrift store in our area and couldn't find what we needed. The whole day I was feeling stressed. I knew my to-do list kept growing, and the days kept flying by, and my list just kept growing. My to-do list was so long, it didn't even feel possible. That's about when the panic attack happened. I realized I no longer felt like myself in the chaotic house. So I took a break on the floor. I'm lucky to have concerned animals who checked to see if I was okay. And lucky to have a concerned man in my life to snap pictures.  This wasn't that sarcastic of a statement. Sterling often takes pictures of my emotions when they are at full height. Usually so I can look back on it and laugh. Like the time I got my arm stuck in the window. He took pictures before helping. I know during a real emergency he wouldn't, but it's kind of fun for now.

On top of the moving stresses, Meko woke up with sores all over his poor face! We had to take him into the vet to see what was going on. It stresses me out like crazy when a pup of mine is sick! 
I've got some ointments I've been putting on him, and he seems to be acting just fine, but it's still very stressful to have that as well as moving, and work! 
I usually do very well under pressure and in times of stress, but this weekend was not a good time. 

Sterling and I are discovering that I suffer from low blood sugar and hypoglycemia. If I don't eat especially during times of stress I get very very ill.  Once I ate some food and made a solid list of things that needed to get done the panicky stressful feelings went away.  

I've been so caught up with taking care of the house I've forgotten to take care of myself. 
So, I've been doing more of that. Taking it easy. Drinking a lot of water and keeping my blood sugar up. 

The excitement and the projects are just the right amount of stress for me right now. I've been painting furniture to match everything else in the house and couldn't me more delighted. 
I love deep reds and deep browns.. and I'm so happy to be having that color scheme in the new house. I have a dark vamp style of decor and can't wait to show pictures of the completed house! 

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  1. I moved about a week and a half ago, so I know how you feel. Definitely had some panic attacks too. I tried to keep sane by thinking of ways I was going to decorate the new place and how awesome it was going to look. That got me more excited and a tiny bit less stressed about the move. Good luck!

  2. I've noticed that my emotions go a little crazy when I'm not eating right too. Sometimes when I'm chasing the baby around all morning I skip breakfast, and then I will feel terrible by lunchtime and my hands start to shake. Not good. Moving is always really stressful, and I'm sure when you are actually in your new place and decorating you will feel better. :big hugs: it will be okay!! Also, I am the same way when my kitty is sick. Hope he feels better soon!


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