Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Moving Energy Shifts

This move has brought up a lot of issues of the word "move." Not only am I moving house... but there is a huge shift of energy moving through and around me. The sheer act of packing and cleaning is evoking all sorts of emotions and shifts. 
I've had the hardest time doing art work lately! I will sit down to draw up a card, finish it and then scrap it to start over! It's driving me crazy. I haven't been happy with any art work in a week or so! It's been very frustrating.. cause I want to do art work. But lately I just can't! 
I've figured all my creativity is going into the new house.
I can't stop thinking about decorating it and painting the furniture! 
I'm learning to trust my own ebbs and flows.. and I know that this current wave of creativity is driving me towards the new house rather than my work. So, that's what I'm choosing to focus on.

My original move in date was supposed to be October 1st.
Then we found a place that said we could move in September 20th..
Then it changed to the 15th. 
So the date keeps creeping in earlier and earlier. 

I'm mostly done with the painting and decorating.. so now it's time to pack! 
I hope I have enough boxes.. 
So please forgive me for not posting much... and for not posting artwork. It's kind of bothering me.. but again, I'm trying to ride the wave, and do what feels natural. Even if it's just sitting in a box.

I may not post much here for a little while.. because it may be just about moving, packing and painting. So, I'll save you all from reading the same thing over and over again.
I'll still be posting on Instagram I'm sure.

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