Thursday, September 4, 2014

Walk Around The Block

I've been battling a headache for a few days, as well as total and overwhelming excitement to move in 11 days. The headache is making my head kind of fuzzy right now, but the excitement is taking over.. so I'll probably be writing really jumbled messy writing..

I'm totally in love with the new place and can't seem to get my mind off of it! It's basically all I talk about. I think Sterling may be getting annoyed. Especially cause I've been packing things up prematurely, and repainting the furniture. But I totally can't help it! It's like all I think about. I kind of get tunnel vision...

The trim in the new house is a nice dark brown.. and all my furniture is black! I didn't think it would look good in there so I'm painting my furniture! I've actually found a super easy way to make the black furniture look dark brown, and like real wood. I'll post a tutorial soon... once I finish painting everything... Guys I feel crazy even saying that I'm doing this all 11 days early. But, you know? After tomorrow there is only 10 days left! And that's basically tomorrow.

I think I've figured out the solution to the dog's barking. We thought about getting the citronella collars but I didn't want to spend all the money.. especially since each collar only has 25 sprays. I ended up getting a little ultrasonic bark detector. If the dogs bark too loud it puts out a high pitched noise. I don't want to take their voices away completely, and I don't want them to be frustrated and sad. So the little bark detector, which we've named Egbert goes with us to help aid in the barking. Like I said, when they hear something, they don't just bark... they go crazy. They feed off each other and bark and bark and bark and it's really unhealthy and tiresome for everyone involved. Our new place is right by the mail box! Like the mail box is 2 feet from my front door. So, I figured I would train them early.
Meko already has learned that barking too loud and extreme will set off the sound.. So, he lets out one or two barks, sometimes growls then calms right down. He doesn't act stressed out or frustrated which makes me very happy.. cause I don't want to change his demeanor.
Wicket, however... he is 2 years older than Meko and a little stuck in his ways. He tries to just bark through the high pitched sound, which kind of makes Meko mad at him. I am not sure Wicket gets it yet. But it is helping. It's helping because Meko won't bark, so Wicket won't feed off of his barks.

But yeah... I might be crazy... painting the furniture, packing early planning ahead, and very excited to be moving. It's been over 2 years since I've moved so I'm excited.

Anyways.. I'm trying really hard to focus on other things, like work, art, and my other day to day things.. but it's hard! 

Here are some photos of a walk around our new block. I haven't had much time to photograph much else! But, I'm so excited to be living in such a beautiful city! I really hope the dogs will adapt well to the city though.

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  1. Very excited for you!! I hope your puppies learn not to bark all the time for your own sanity sake. lol! Try not to stress about it too much because they will feed off of your emotions too...easy said than done, i guess. I hope everything works out for you!

  2. For sure! When we take them on walks and we see a group of people, we used to be like "Oh shoot! People.. I hope they don't bark..." We would get stressed, and of course they would feel it, and feed off of the stress and bark! So now we just don't "notice" other people and the dogs don't either!


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