Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thursday Threads - Swept Up

I wish I could think of some beautiful poetic words to describe the feelings from this mini photo shoot we did... But my words are failing me today.

Driving to some of our favorite crystal shops, we passed by this wall. 
It was actually so close to where I grew up.. so we stopped to use it for outfit shots. 

The day was beautiful, the sunlight warm, and the wind was nice.
 As soon as we got out the wind swept us up in a loud roar. 
We sat patiently and waited for the wind to settle down.
I would quickly fix my hair and we would try taking photos once more.

I think when you scroll through these pictures you will see just how well that went. 
Pretty soon, we stopped fighting the wind, and we just worked with it.
We let go of the idea of "perfect" and embraced the chaos of the wind. 

My hair was crazy, but my face was smiling. 
A true lesson in life.. 
Don't fight the current, and don't battle the wind.. adjust your sails and fly with it. 

Kimono - Romwe
Lace Top - thrifted
Shorts - Thrifted

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  1. the wind swept photos make me smile so hard :) Too freakin' cute! Muwah!

  2. Love that kimono, and the candid feeling of the photos.

  3. Wow you are beautiful! Not many women can pull off that hairstyle. Love the kimono and these photos.


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