Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thursday Threads - Something Different

I used to take all my own photos years ago. I would set up a tripod and grab my remote. Something about being alone with the camera, checking the lighting myself, readjusting the focus, and then finally coming out with a picture I like is very rewarding. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy having my photos taken by Sterling, and he is very good... but there is something rewarding about a good self portrait. 

On this particular day, I chose to do photos inside. I absolutely love my bedroom. The colors, the soft lighting, and the nice glow from my window. The room has nice soft romantic light, so I figured I would take some photos in there. Not much room to stand, I used the bed a lot. The dogs joined me for some photos, and Meko even brought his favorite toy to play with. Once they figured I wasn't there to nap with them or play with them they got bored and left. 

I really like the indoor outfit photos and think it's a refreshing break from all the outdoor ones I've been doing. Plus I'll be moving soon, so I want to get as many photos of this room and house as I can. 

Pink Fringe Top - Thrifted (from Forever 21)
Floral Undershirt - Self Made
Lace Shorts - Chicnova
Fringe Shall - Gift from Marie Darling
Necklace - Giveaway prize from Marie Darling

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  1. Everything looks so good on you! The shall looks way better on you then it ever did on me, haha

  2. Wow these pics are stunning :) And so are you :) looks like an awesome comfy space :D


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