Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Evenly Glowing: Product Review

So I've got another quick product review today, but this one starts with a story. Most of you know I was married once, now I'm not. I've been divorced much longer than I was married but some painful memories stick around longer than you'd like. When I was with my ex he once told me he wanted to "play a game." He asked me what are some things I would change about him. Being 20 years old wanting to be in love and married forever I told him not a thing. I loved him just how he was. For his turn, he plainly told me he wished I had longer hair, my legs were too fat, and the pores on my face were too big.
Never agree to play this "game" with anyone.. cause that painful statement still hurts. For years I was a bit obsessed that my pores were too big. I knew I could grow my hair out if I wanted, I knew I could work out and trim my legs if it came to that.. if he really needed me to change... but my pores?! I was at a loss.
The marriage didn't last too long, and I'm thankful for that because of the emotional abuse didn't stop at the comment on my pores...
I soon started the process of healing, and accepting myself. Like I mentioned, it's been years. Sometimes, not often I still look at my face with fear that my pores are too big. I don't let the fear consume me because then I would ONLY notice that.

Okay so now kind of forget about that story for just a second...
We can fast forward to the present, where I'm no longer with my ex, and that if Sterling read that story he would likely hunt him down. Ah yes the present where I'm with someone who has never said anything to hurt me purposefully.  Oh wait, this is a product review, not a love story.. back to the point.

I received this Even Glow Serum to try out and share with my readers. Not trying to do anything but moisturize my face, get rid of some scares maybe and have fresh feeling skin. So I started using it in the morning paired with Tuesday's review which I use at night. I've been putting this on each morning after my shower.. and I guess this review is kind of a love story because oh my goodness. I love this stuff.

First of all, the smell. So good. Kind of reminds me of that one ride at California Adventure.. you know the one.. Ah Soarin Over California. Where a soft breeze of citrus creeps into your nose as you fly over the orange fileds and you suddenly can't feel that your feet have hurt all day from standing in line. That's what this stuff smells like. Don't taste it though. Just trust me.
It absorbs super fast into my skin with no greasy feeling. Paired with the other stuff I've been using I've noticed a difference in my complexion, skin tone and even noticed scars fading sooner. I think the biggest reason I like it though, is it seems to have helped shrink my pores a bit.

Like most girls, I check the mirror when I wash my hands after using the bathroom, and just a little while ago I looked in the mirror and noticed something slightly different, my pores weren't super noticeable since I started using this Even Glow Serum.

I'm not entirely sure that "pore shrinking" is one of the advertised intents, but I think the increase in collagen and Vitamin C helped any imbalances that I had.

With natural ingredients like Vitamin C, Sea Buchthorn Oil, Rosehip Seel Oil, and Green Tea I feel pretty good about putting it on my skin. 

It promises to even skin tone, reduce signs of aging and give you a nice glow, as well as keep your skin hydrated all day. I must say it's done all these things for me.
Plus the price right now on Amazon is not crazy expensive like similar products.

So whether or not you are trying to shrink your pores/even skin tone, moisturize, reduce wrinkles, or pretend you are on Soarin Over California for a moment, I really recommend this stuff.

Sponsored Post powered by BrandBacker: I received this sample product in hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products I use personally and believe would be good for my readers. The opinions in this product review are my own personal opinions. 

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  1. It really sucks how something so hurtful can stick with us for so long. Among other things one of my ex's had said he mentioned my pores being too big too! How weird is that?! I never even thought about it or noticed it until then but now I look every time I look in the mirror. Horrible! I may have to check this stuff out!

  2. Ah! That sucks... Who even notices anyone's pores being too big?! Like I feel that isn't really even a thing other than just being hurtful.. I'm sorry your ex said that. I've heart of products to shrink pores before, but feel like if I focus too much on it, I'll just notice it more!

  3. You already got rid of some scares when you got rid of your husband. And now for the scars. And shame on him for using a stupid game to hit below the belt.

  4. Your skin looks luminous! Are you using moisturizer on top, or just the serum? Also, I agree with Fayme. I'm so glad you've moved on and that you have an amazing man now.

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