Friday, August 22, 2014

Special Day, with Special News! Announcing a Moon Oracle Deck, and my One Year Anniversary!

Today is kind of a big day for me... Just one year ago was one of the worst days of my life. I was laid off from my job again. It was the 3rd time in two years! I was teaching art to troubled youth. I taught for about 9 months before getting laid off.. where I switched to being a substitute. I was happy to be working with the same kids, sad I was no longer teaching art... but relieved I still had a job. Well a few months later I was laid off. It was a really really sad day for me, back then. I thought my world was over. No job, no way of making money. It was a scary day. 

But now it's a day that I celebrate. 
Today is my one year anniversary of doing this full time. 

I made a decision back then to do what I want to do. To do what I LOVE. And make money from it. And it's been a successful year. I haven't had to get into any extra debt, borrow money, or have a single late payment. And I'm so proud of myself. I'm a little sad because I feel my successes are very over looked in my family. I've always been the black sheep.. but this black sheep got a shade darker this year.. I don't always feel fully accepted., but this is something to be worked out another day, because after one year, I can say I fully accept myself, and am beyond proud. 

I remember the night I got laid off, Sterling and I went camping. I cried while sitting around the camp fire. Scared. So scared. Should I apply for another job? Fit into the mold my parents want? Should I try for government assistance? Would I have to move into a cheaper place? So many scary thoughts..... how would I feed myself? My pets? How would I afford rent!? 

But then I remembered affirmations. The whole time I worked at the school I would always think to myself how I wish I had more time for art. I would say stuff like "I am an artist. I want to do my art." I would repeat that phrase so often through out the day in hopes of reminding myself to do art when I got home. Well, I repeated it enough to where it came true. 

Sitting around the campfire that night I realized this is what I had wanted all along. I had been putting this thought out into the universe for so long that it came true! The universe doesn't always deliver how we want, but it does deliver. 

After I got over the shock, I went over a plan. 

I decided to offer Tarot Readings, and I'm still reading for Lotus Tarot.  Tarot has been a huge part of my year.. it's opened me up in so many ways.. and because I started reading Tarot full time, I started my own Tarot Deck. 

This year has been full of so many ups and downs.. and so many lessons. 

I struggled with depression this year more than ever. Not getting out of the house much really sucks.
But I've been learning to take my job anywhere I want! Which has helped out so much.

I also really struggled with waking up. Waking up has been the hardest part of this.. At school, my job started at 7:15. Now my job starts whenever I want it too.. But sometimes depression kept me in bed until noon.... or later.

I started meditating more, and doing yoga daily. I do 100 squats a day, and drink a lot of coffee. I get to have my hair pink whenever I want it, and eat breakfast in my underwear. I get to create art whenever I want. For fun, for money, for me, or for friends. It's been an amazing year. 

(Photo taken exactly one year ago today around that campfire) 

If I could visit Rachael from last year, sitting at the campfire scared and full of woe. I would tell her not to worry, and to trust herself. I would assure her, that in one year she would be extremely proud of her. Even if she felt totally alone in that pride. Because this is a very soul enriching path. 

And today on this very special day, I have another announcement! 

Marissa from Moondaughter  and I are teaming up for an Oracle Deck! This has been Marissa's idea for a few years and I''m so honored to be a part of this deck! It's going to feature mandalas and moon phases, and other spectacular things. I'm so excited. I love the way it's turning out! 
I trust Marissa's vision for this deck, and am having so much fun creating it. I once did a full concentration on Mandalas for an art class and had to do studies on their process as well as create several of my own. So I was extremely excited when we discussed Mandala cards. 

We've got three cards done so far.. but it's been a fun break from my Tarot Deck. I've been trying to work on the two simultaneously so they will be released around the same time. It's very refreshing to finish a Mandala, then start on a illustrated Tarot card. Once that's finished it's a refreshing break to do another Mandala. 
We are still deciding on a good name for the deck, so if you want to help leave a comment here, facebook, or instagram. If we like your name and choose it we will send you a free deck.

I want to finish this post with a sincere thank you to those who have supported me. In Tarot Readings, paintings, the Tarot Deck, Moon Deck... those who have read the books I illustrated. (Another one is coming out in a month! ) Those who read this blog, everyone who supports me. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. This has been a scary year, but wow, it's been so rewarding... and I couldn't have done it without your support. 

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  1. My Dad always told me that it doesn't matter what I want to do in life. That if I put all my effort into it, I will eventually become a master of it, and the money will come later. Like, say you really love scuba diving, then you put all your effort into it, eventually you will master it and can be a scuba guide or something. I think that's what you are doing. You are doing what you love, and the universe is helping you out! Congrats on all your hard work!

    Also, eating breakfast in your underwear is the only way to eat breakfast, if you ask me.

  2. Chandrakant or Chandra for your deck name, lovie. Both are Hindi for "moon lover" and "moon" respectively. Would be perfect for your first moon oracle deck. Peace and joy for all your success in this past and upcoming years.

  3. I'm sorry your family can't see how amazing you are. I'm proud of you and your success. You inspire me so much.

  4. This is sooo awesome - congrats!

    As for a name - Sacred Circles Oracle.

  5. Proud of you! You're not a black sheep to me. I seriously admire you so much and love everything you do, and if I could be even 20% as amazing as you, I'd be happy.

  6. I am so damn proud of you. I knew when you announced your lay-off that this would be an incredible opportunity for you, and that you'd take it be the horns. It's hurt my heart to watch you struggle with depression - even what bits I see from across the country - but I know you're stronger. We've both gone through a lot of growth and soul-searching this past year!

    I hope to continue supporting you in every way I can. Nev and I adore the books, I'm sitting here in my Saturn necklace, and your art adorna my walls. It is an absolute -blessing- to have your work adorn our lives. ♥

  7. You could call it the 'spirit sphere mandala' deck? Follow your heart<3

  8. I am so happy for you. I've been reading your posts for a long time and your commitment to your art over the past year has been inspiring: Ideas for names" MandaLuna Oracle Deck, Lunar Pathways Guidance Cards, Lunar Compass Life Path Oracle. MoonTalker Oracle.

  9. Nocturnal Mandala
    Moon of Life
    Lunar Soul
    Sacred Celestial Mandala
    Moon Trance
    Enchanted Luna
    Runic Moon Mandalas

  10. I remember when you made that decision. It was one of the best things you could have ever done for yourself. You've blossomed SO much over the past few years. I know a lot of times it doesn't feel like it, especially with depression clouding your progress. But your sunbeams are so much stronger than those gray clouds. :)


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