Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thursday Threads - Geometric

The weather is cooling off little by little each day and I can feel fall slowly creeping it's way in. I couldn't be excited. I remember just last year posting about how much I love wearing layers, and that makes me feel this year has flown by! I still can't believe it's august already. My year as a full time artist has almost come full circle.. and I can feel bigger, better things on the horizon.... each year, life is going to keep getting better and better. 
Anyways, as I was saying the weather is cooling off, my swamp cooler is no longer needed on 24/7, and I can finally sleep with a blanket, and I can finally wear layers again.  When I got this 
dress from yoyomelody  I knew it would match this cardigan perfectly! 

Cardigan - romwe
Dress - Yoyomelody
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  1. I adore this dress + cardigan combination!!! i can't wait till it get cooler around here!! (although, we are in the middle of lots of painting - so I hope it doesn't cool down too soon!!) ;) i, too, can't wait for layers, cool evenings, hot chocolate + listening to the crackling fireplace!


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