Friday, August 8, 2014

The Day To Day

I've come to realize something. I used to really enjoy blogging, it was fun sharing my day to day life on my blog. Something I looked forward to every day. But these last 2 years or so I've noticed my blogging has been less enjoyable. It's been hard to find things to blog about sometimes, it's felt like I've had to really stretch and focus on what to post about. A few years ago, it was so simple, and so fun. Now it's something that causes me a bit of stress, and that really bothered me!  
But, I think I have found out why! 
Instagram has been so great. A simple way to share my day to day life.
I get to share what happens, when it's happening. It's been great, but I've noticed it's what's been taking the joys out of blogging! Because I get to share so much, I have nothing left to share on the blog when it comes to simple day to day life. 

So, from now on... I will be sharing less of the day to day stuff on instagram.. saving that for my blog! 

So, here is a little recap of my week.. some stuff that missed getting posted on instagram, and certainly missed getting posted to the blog! 
I had the opportunity to paint a portrait of Natasha from Whimsy Emporium . I really enjoy commissions, but probably won't be accepting many more this year due to other projects. I always enjoy painting people I know. It lets me get to know them, and paint them the way I see them. 

When it's not too hot outside, I've been trying to work more in my yard. This is my view from my "office" a few days ago. I'm a very lucky girl to get to work from home.. I can choose to draw out on the hammock, looking up at the ripening grapes. I'm really going to miss this place when I move! I hope my next place has as beautiful of a yard or outdoor area. I'm lucky to get the opportunity to work where ever I please, and sometimes I forget to take advantage of that. 

 Wicket thinks he is the most ferocious thing on the planet. There is a little gap between the gate and the steps, and he likes to poke his head out at the people walking by and yell profanities and threats. He thinks he is a menacing dog, we think he looks like a possessed teddy bear.

I recently got a few new supplies for a new project.. I am honestly not meaning to hint and dangle this collaboration in anyone's face... I've been really slow at getting things going for it! But I promise word on it will be out soon. It requires some measuring and some tools. I decided to get one of those really cool circle makers because they are easy, and you can find the center point really quick. Sterling convinced me to get a compass.. I got both, but regret the compass. Sterling told me it would be really easy to use and way better than my quick spinny circle maker.....

(Nailed it)
Several attempts later, neither of us could get a perfect circle. I'm sure it takes practice, but I think I'll stick to my spinny circle maker. It spins! 

I've recently been putting my projects in piles next to me, and things are stacking up. I always try to keep at 3 projects going max. Right now I've got my Tarot Deck, the collaboration project, and I've been working on a quick little mermaid sketch. 
The pups like to try to get in the middle of me and my work. Quite literally blocking me from getting to my projects. 
I snapped this picture of Meko this morning when he first woke up. He had the sheets over him and his ears were floppy. It reminded me of when I first got him.. I can't believe he is a year old! At least we think he is a year old. By the dates we got him, and how old he was when we got him we think he was born in July/August. He's been such a great dog and friend to have around. 
And here is a sneak peak on the mermaid I've been working on. I'm thinking about doing limited edition prints, there is silver leaf paint on the original, and when I do prints I will paint the silver leave onto each print making them one of a kind, with real silver leaf metallic paint. More on this gal soon.

I'm both excited and frustrated that I've figured this blogging issue out. But, I think I'm going to need to find some balance between blogging, and instagram. Because I really enjoy expressing myself on the blog! And I really enjoy posting day to day things on instagram! But, I think the blog needs more of the day to day. I still plan on posting to instragram though, if you'd like to follow me, my username is @treetalker. 

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  1. Your blog has always been an absolute pleasure for me. I enjoy the way you share tidbits on Insta, and deeper things you're going through on the blog. I like it all! You're not doing anything "wrong" in my eyes, but I'm glad you had a breakthrough and feel like you know how you want to balance now!

  2. I'm glad you are not giving up blogging because I can't do Instagram! I don't have a smart phone. I tried to sign up without a smart phone and it didn't work.

  3. I totally hear you on the instagram thing. Sometimes I find myself not posting anything for a week because there's stuff I want to save for only myself or the blog. It's better that way! :)

  4. Hey Rachael! Maybe you could try writing the blog as if it were a story :) when we read the posts, it would be like we're reading the story of your daily life. That would be really intriguing! <3


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