Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Today is going to be a quick post since I have a bit of a tummy ache and a headache. I haven't been putting the proper healthy foods into my body lately and I can feel it taking it's toll. My mind and body are sluggish. My body and spirit feel heavy, and the thought of moving around is just out of the question. I have an allergic reaction to gluten. And sometimes, but very rarely I like to pretend that I don't and sneak something gluteny in... Sometimes the effect is minimal, and sometimes it consumes my entire day, like today.
And I'm kind of kicking myself because it is my fault I'm feeling so sick... But if I'm going to be sitting around all day, I don't want to me sitting around blaming myself and being mad. So instead I'll be sitting around, taking it easy and just being a bit sick. I'm going to listen to my body, and next time treat it better.
I've made a detox water to help ease my stomach and help detoxify the harmful toxins in my body. Lemon, lime, mint with a touch of ginger.
Now to combat this headache and lift the mind fog.

In other news... I can feel my days in this house coming to an end. I'll be moving in about 2 months! I have to be out of this place by October 1st. I'm still hoping to move into the Artist Space. but I'm keeping all of my options open. I'm a bit nervous because the school season is going to start, and a lot of students are looking for the same places I am! So, I'm hoping I can find the perfect place, at the perfect time. without much stress. I can feel the stress lingering on the side lines, but I'm trying to keep a calm mind, and I'm trying to trust the universe. I'm trying to trust that things will work out.

It's almost been an exact year since I lost my full time job teaching, when I had to learn to trust the universe 100%. It seems this trusting the universe thing is going to be a life long process.. I'm hoping it will get easier.

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