Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Day I Spoke MY Truth

First of all, thank you so much to everyone for your support. Thank you to those who listened to it live yesterday! I felt the support, but I really had no idea anyone would even listen.. after the show I was astounded to hear all the responses from those who actually listened! I guess it was good to not think anyone was listening! Anyways.. THANK YOU! I get sooo much support through the internet. It is so heart warming to me... If you didn't get a change to listen to the show... I have a recording for you at the bottom of this post!

Yesterday was totally awesome. Sterling was able to get the day off so he could support me during the radio show. I don't always feel like I have a lot of physical support.. and when I say that, I mean someone here to sit by me while I say the random things I say, or someone to drive me around and sit next to me. Not that it's needed, but it's nice to have someone there to help make me feel comfortable at all times. I don't have a lot of physical friends...

Anyways.. Yesterday was awesome.

We arrived perfectly on time, but I was noticeably terrified. I didn't know what to expect, but when Paul Duane arrived and shook my hand I felt better. I told him I was nervous and he laughed and shrugged it off which calmed my nerves quite a bit.

 I sat down in the seat I was to sit in for the next couple of hours and adjusted to the room. Suddenly I knew I could handle it. By the end of the show I was a little sad it was over and felt silly for being so nervous! It was a lot of fun, and we ended up discussing some things that I hadn't even considered we would talk about. What was nice, is the conversation we had on the air, was so similar to the conversations Sterling and I have daily. We talked about religion, manifesting what we want, the Law of Attraction, signs and symbols in life, and the guidance we seek from the Universe, others and ourselves. We talked about my work, how I started Talk2thetrees, and what I'm doing currently.. with a focus on my Tarot reading. We even had a caller call in and ask where I get my evidence for the Tarot and my spiritual views, as there is no scientific evidence that this stuff "works." My response was that there really is no scientific evidence for any one's religion, and the evidence is in the feeling. If someone feels good after a reading, or they feel that spiritual connection then that's all the "evidence" anyone really needs. No one goes to church because there is scientific evidence of their god, or their own salvation... they do it by how it makes them feel. That's evidence enough.

My voice felt very very shaky, even though I was no longer nervous... But the thought kept coming to my mind... Speak your Truth, even if your voice shakes. 

One of my biggest fears was that I would sound like a crazy person, like a crazy mystical fortune teller with a spooky voice and no credible sources. I don't think it was a fear necessarily.. but I feel that I wouldn't be listened to or understood if I were to come across this way. But, I was told from several people that I came across as intelligent and knowledgeable. I didn't sound shaky or nervous or completely crazy. I sounded put together and reliable.. which is exactly as I wanted to come across. 

To be honest, you could come over to my house and see that crazy mystical fortune teller... I have several tarot decks, skulls, crystal balls, altars, and all sorts of mystical things... but that's not what defines me. I love the dark and mystical, but I do believe in the Truth behind it. I do read, and learn and have theories that back things up... so it was wonderful to hear from those who listened that I sounded like I knew what I was talking about. 

Which I think was the biggest thing I learned about yesterday.. to trust myself and the knowledge that I've learned. I don't claim to know the entire truth about life.. I do not claim that any religion is right, or any one way of spirituality is better than the other, but I do know what my Truth is.. 
and how it makes me feel. 
Which is the "evidence" anyone needs for their beliefs... How does it make you feel. 

 I feel that yesterday was a success. It was a lot of fun, and a wonderful experience. 
Here is a little bit about the interview from Paul Duane's website. 

Click here if you want to listen to the interview.. 

You can hear me talk about my art, my experience going from a girl who played the sims in a shitty marriage to what I am well as a lot of talk about Tarot, how it works and why I believe it. 

I also took part in his "Three Things"project. 
The Three Things that I would want to share the world. 

These are the 3 truths I would want to share with the world.

We do create our reality, and you can make yours as magical as you want! 

Don't play the victim. Life can get hard as other's realities mix with yours... but don't develop a wounded spirit about it and end up ruining your own magical reality. 

And start your day with a 20 second smile. It trains your brain and releases endorphins to make you happy. Plus you usually end up laughing at yourself. 

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  1. I listened to the whole thing. I don't usually like male talk show hosts, finding them condescending and misogynistic, but I felt he gave you a sincere opportunity to share your wisdom.
    Much of what you said parallels my own life. It's always nice to hear it from someone elses platform though. I love hearing your voice. I've been with you from the day you opened your Etsy shop and I'm so glad you got out of that toxic marriage. No one should have to beg for the things that make them happy or give them a chance to make a living.

    How odd that the reading should have 4 kings. Sounds like one person with four bosses.

    I also progressed from reading tarot to channeling and mediumship. Once you are open to spirit all kinds of things are trying to rush through that doorway. It's rather like the Three Stooges all trying to get through the same door at times. Between your spirit guides, their spirit guides, grandparents who have crossed over, pets who have crossed over, animal totems, angels, and so on, that space can get pretty crowded.

    So proud of you for having the courage to go on the air.

  2. Oh gosh, being on the radio is a dream of mine! I play out interviews on the radio about a book I write in the future in my mind all the time. It's what I get for being an NPR junkie I guess. You did really well! You sounded completely natural and not nervous at all! Great job!


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