Friday, August 1, 2014

Upgrading The Quality

I was looking through my art shop yesterday and noticed some of the newer prints are not matching their originals! The images on the computer looked slightly different than the ones in person, which to me is not a reproduction. Most of the images have been scanned in so they are 100% like the originals.. however a few of the larger ones were not. It wasn't super noticeable, and luckily the ones who looked really bad, (at least to me) haven't sold yet... so I was able to set up a cameras and lights in my studio. I researched the best settings for my camera when it comes to taking art photos and I was able to produce excellent images! I will hopefully share my set up with you guys, as well as my camera settings. I think it's super important to learn how to photograph your own work. I spent hours on the phone with printing and scanning companies.. who all referred me to photographers.. who all said they could do it, but I could learn. So, I chose to learn. Once I have some room in my studio, I'll teach you how!

Here are the higher quality photos. I noticed on the last one, "Celestine Glow" the pinks were totally washed out and the entire image was way too blue, which the original has some slight shades of pink.. 

And I'm very happy to say that Lady Unicorn has sold as an original! I couldn't be happier that she is on her way to her new home as of today. She's been a favorite of mine since I finished her. I love the look in her eyes, and all of the plants surrounding her. 

I do offer 8x10 prints of her, but the image is a little clipped... I am working on getting large reproductions and poster prints of her soon. 

I have updated the Nuvango  shop as well to include the new images of Lady Unicorn and I've added Celestine Glow to the Nuvango shop too. 

For regular 8x10 prints check out the art shop on Etsy

This weekend I'm working on my Tarot Deck, I think I've finally pushed past what was blocking me from doing that 5 of wands... and I'll be moving onto the 6 of wands soon! Keep your eyes peeled on Instagram as I will most likely be showing peeks of the 5 of wands. (I really love it!) 

I'm also working on a commission piece that I hope to share with you guys too...

And I've just teamed up with a brilliant woman to start a collaboration project! I'm really excited about it. I finished the first piece yesterday and I think I can see the whole thing coming together in such an epic way. I will share the full details soon. 

It's going to be a busy weekend, but this kind of busy is good. 

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  1. I would love to hear about your photo tips. So great to see how other artists do things!
    Keep the updates coming, they're inspiring :)


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