Tuesday, July 29, 2014

On The Air - Tomorrow!

So I'm kinda freaking out today. Trying not to freak out... but I kind of am. 

Tomorrow I'm going to be interviewed on the Paul Duane Show!  I would love for you to listen in. If you are in my area, the show goes from 1-3 pm MST. You can listen in at KTalk 630 Am, (SLC metro area) or you can live stream it here or listen at Itunes

I was asked to bring my Tarot Deck.. so as you could imagine.. I'm totally freaking out. I really don't know what to expect, and I'm trying to not think about it, as I do my very best with no preparations and no plans..  But, I'm pretty sure I will be doing Tarot Readings on the radio tomorrow. 

I'm.. kind of really socially awkward. I have worked from home for the last year now. I never really leave. I have my "friends." Like, Robin at the post office who always gets excited when I come in with paintings. The cashiers and employees of Spouts who always help me when I grocery shop and ask if I found everything I was looking for, and the wonderful baristas at the coffee shop who know I like my coffee with soy and no whipped cream. So.. I don't get out much. I don't chat often... especially not for 3 hours. 

I do Tarot Readings on the spot all the time since that's a big part of my "day job." I'm not too scared of those readings, but those are people who are seeking me out, looking for answers who legitimately believe in Tarot. I'm in Utah, a pretty conservative state, where Tarot is extremely taboo. I'm embracing myself for all sorts of questions and skeptics. I have no idea how to handle questions, and I get so flustered i usually make up words or mumble. Again, I'm trying no to think about it. 
That's usually how I handle situations like this. Like job interviews, or meetings... I find I do my best when I have no previous preparations. So, I kind of just push the nervousness aside. 

Like when I go on a roller coaster.... I wait in line and distract myself with other things, and then suddenly I'm strapped into a roller coaster! That's when I freak out, but there isn't any time to unstrap myself and run away.. so I just scream and cry the whole ride. I usually get off and think "That was easy! Let's do it again!" But, the process repeats. If I think about it too much, I change my mind. My nerves and anxieties get the better of me and I miss out on opportunities. It's happened before, and I've lost a lot of opportunities, so I've found it's just best to not think about it and deal with things as they come. 

So, listen in tomorrow. It will either go really well, or be wildly hilarious. Cause those are the only two options I will think about! Hopefully I'll get to promote my deck too..

If you want to call in and talk to me or have comments or questions, here is the number 801 254 5855. 

And please send me some positive energy. Cause that moment right before the "ride"... I'll be freaking out. 

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  1. Here's the thing, that is the universe talking to you. Someone tomorrow is needing to hear something you have to say to them, and maybe naysayers will pester a bit...maybe. If so, let it roll baby girl. The universe will take care of it. No worries Rachael. We send out our waves, we get waves back. For those intending to cause a shit storm with theirs, well you know what they're getting when it all rolls back in. Breathe, meditate, and let the love, light, and Mowgli hold you close! You got this!

  2. You're artwork is beautiful! you will do great tomorrow!

  3. You are going to be amazing!! I would tell you not to worry but I know that isn't going to happen because I am the same way. lol! Just look at this as a fun opportunity to get work out about your awesome tarot deck! Good luck!

  4. How exciting! You'll be great - I plan on listening in!

  5. im sure you will be fine!!!!! just try to relax and enjoy the opportunity!!!


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