Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Stretching It Out

This last weekend I was totally knocked out from being sick. I am still unsure what that even was! I was super nauseous, with a headache, my body was achy, and I felt like I had a cold. I as weirdly out of it with a fever too! I was super cold even though my house was 78 degrees!  It was the weirdest sickness ever. I was totally exhausted and the whole weekend. We had plans to go up to Sterling's work and meet with his boss about some projects, but I was blacking out just walking to the car! What got me most was that I lacked energy to work out.. All weekend I couldn't get up to do anything.. and when I did it was a slow crawl to the store for ice cream, or soup ingredients. Not being active was so hard for me!
One of the biggest thing I love about being self employed is the time I have to work out and meditate. For the last few months, every single day I've been doing some form of exercise.. my favorite has been Ashtanga Yoga. Growing up, I was never flexible, but I can slowly see that changing, along with physical changes in my body.  Today was the first day since last Thursday that I was finally feeling up to some yoga.. Of course Meko does yoga with me. Alway. He is always on the matt with me, I think he secretly judges my downward dog pose... Just look at the way he watches me... He is my little teacher. He will seriously do yoga next to me sometimes. It's one of the greatest parts of my yoga sessions.

I move my coffee table, and do my yoga in my living room.. Right in front of my swamp cooler. It's been so hot lately, and doing it right here, is the only place I can do it! After doing yoga this morning, I'm actually feeling much better. I think doing yoga helped clear up some of the sickness in me, like stretching out a hose that has kinks in it... letting things flow again. But, the first 3 days of feeling sick, moving caused me to black out, so I had to wait until I was confident I wouldn't throw up, or pass out. It was a crazy weekend.
I'm still super confused as to what this even was! Sterling just recently came down with it too, which is a relief, because I know it's not something serious, but also not a relief, because I know how bad this felt! I'm hoping to finally kick this weirdness to the curb so I can get back to myself fully. 

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  1. I'm glad it's nothing serious but it's good, that your back being healthy and alive.

  2. This sounds like what I have right now! So weird! My husband and I were getting nervous, talking about calling the dr in the morning for an appt. I started to feel really weird today and thought I was going to pass out. Scary! Glad you are starting to feel better!

  3. Yes!! It was WEIRD. Like that's how I explained the symptoms. I did some research and it could be Parvo. Not the type that dogs get, or Fifth disease... which is a viral infection. It's supposed to go away on it's own.. I hope you get feeling better! If you DO go to the doctor, let me know what they say!!


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