Monday, May 5, 2014

My Weekend In Pictures

I don't post much here on the weekends, but I do post to instagram.. Check out my instagram here if you want to follow and keep up with me on the weekends, because wow... I've been busy! I finally got my pictures of my home all redone and clean. Pictures will be coming soon. But for now... this is what I was up to all weekend.

First of all, I finished up all my orders in record time. By the way, there are two more days of my sale going on in the shop!  Enter code LVSALE for 25% off everything in the store!

I got all orders out, and started cleaning up the house a bit. The house has been VERY hot this spring, so hot my blinds melted! My new landlords raised my rent in order to redo the roof and put in insulation, so that my house wouldn't get as hot or cold. They promised to do this back in December, so.. I'm a little disgruntled at them, especially because they made me pay extra per month. So, we took the blinds down and threw them out. I put up insulated curtains.. in hopes that that will help. The house is currently 78 degrees. Yikes. Sterling helped me hook up the swamp cooler, that helps a bit. I am seriously SO in love with this house, but I'm pretty ready to move.
Friday I woke up with a headache and a heartache.. so we decided to go to our field for some meditation and soul medicine. We took the pups and went up to the field. We decided to hike the loop.. We both thought it would be a shorter hike, but it ended up being about 3 miles.. The two pups walked nearly the whole way. Wicket got to be carried part of the way, cause he was starting to slow down and limp a bit. Both dogs even did well being off the leash. 

And yesterday was of course May Fourth, I reposted my Star Wars photos. Here are a few of them. I did these a few years ago. Sterling thought that they were professionally done. That I hired someone to do these for me. No, no... I went outside in my back yard, took several silly photos and photoshopped my ways into the Star Wars movies. People asked how I did it. Dedication. Lots of it.

And we ended the weekend with another hike. This one was short, but steep. So, we didn't bring the pups. Plus they were a bit sore from the previous hike.

This weekend wasn't busy with building things and repainting like the previous weekends. This one was about soul medicine and quieting the mind. Sterling and I have also been doing Kundalini Yoga and working with Chakras.
We are planning on taking more and more hiking trips now that the house is done. Like I mentioned earlier, I'm planning on moving in a few months, so we are going to enjoy all of the beautiful places in this county before it's too late.

I'll most likely be reposting a lot of these photos in coming blog posts. These ones are from my phone, and I have tons more on the camera.

I hope your weekend was as beautiful and comforting as mine was. Now, it's time to get some photos edited and necklaces listed!

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