Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Blown Away

Guys, I have a funny story to tell you.... Where the title of this post will suddenly make sense..
But first off.. check out my eyelashes. Pretty right? 

And a closer look? Woosh. Check them out! This is 3D Fiber Lash Mascara.. Totally amazing. I've tried a lot of beauty products out for the blog, and this is honestly one of my favorites. I am seriously recommending this stuff to anyone and everyone.

Okay, so here is my funny story. I tried this mascara out without telling Sterling. He was away at work, and I didn't think anything of it. I just did my make up like normal but included this new mascara He got off work, and I greeted him at the door. He immediately commented on my eyes. "Wow! What did you do differently? Your eyes are glowing!" I laughed and told him it was my eyelashes.  For the rest of the night when I blinked he would pretend to be blown away by the wind they created since it was that noticeable. So I made sure to batt my eyes extra at him. 

There, I tied in the title, but seriously.. this mascara has blown me away. It's seriously awesome. Whenever I wear it out, I always get comments on my eyelashes.

You guys know my feelings on make up. Like the time I threw out all of my make up with questionable ingredients? (I still haven't worn deodorant since that day! And no, I don't stink.. I have yet to be told I do anyways...) I checked out the ingredients for this mascara and I was pleasantly surprised to read the ingredients, such as beeswax, palm oil, collagen and even green tea fibers. You can read the full ingredients at the product page. The best thing is, it washes off with ease, but doesn't come off through out the day. When it does come off, none of my real lashes come off either. 

We took some before and after shots that fully show the mascara.
Below is the "before" shot. This is me with my regular day to day make up on. I usually just go with eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, and lots of shimmer. Sometimes I use concealer, but my go to, daily make up routine is shimmer, eye liner and mascara.

The mascara comes in 2 tubes. One is the "glue" the others are the lashes. You basically layer it on, one eye at a time. You kind of have to work quickly so the transplanting gel doesn't dry, and the fibers won't fall onto your cheeks.  

Here it is with one eye done. Look at that difference!

I combed through the lashes to get some clumps out, and voila! I could have even chosen to do another layer, to lengthen them even more, and I probably should have done my lower lashes.. But still, even just the top lashes are hugely noticeable. 

The lovely Annie is a Presenter for Younique and she is offering us a pretty sweet deal. You can shop on this link for all sorts of beauty products. She has lotions, mascaras, primers, cleansers, you name it. The mascara is only 29.00. I say only 29.00 because I really do mean it. Regular department store mascara is 8.00? Full of crazy chemicals and parabens? It doesn't even touch the effects this stuff gives. Even the higher end brands that I got from Sephora are priced at about 25-30.00 and they have always seemed subpar to me.. So purchasing a mascara that will last longer, give great results and isn't full of crappy chemicals is totally worth the money! (Trust me. I've given up the department store make up.. my skin has thanked me.)

Annie is offering us this great deal too! With any purchase over 29.00 you get a free pigment of your choice. (just be sure to email her your color choice after your purchase.) So if you buy the mascara, you get a free eye shadow too. 

Here are some links for you guys, Annie's Email to let her know which pigment you want, and in case you have any questions for her.A link straight to the 3D Fiber Lash Mascara! And a link straight to the Shop! Don't forget to pick out your free pigment! 

Also, does anyone else open their mouth while doing mascara? I swear it's impossible not to. Sterling teased me the whole time! 

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  1. I don't wear this all the time, cause it is a little bit of extra work, BUT the results are amazing!!

  2. Oh yeah, it does not feel natural at all to keep the mouth closed. Kind of like when drinking from a cup, out goes the pinky. Oh and the main point of your blog. Huge difference. I've been using a homemade lash grower for just about 2 months and not seeing really any difference. I will consider this for those special times, but as a rule, these days I don't do anything but moisturize my face and move on.

  3. Awesome! Don't forget to message her for the free pigment! I think she might do that or free shipping if you'd rather have that. :)

  4. WOW! Such a difference! I have tried so many different volumizing and lengthening mascara and none of them seem to different. You can really see the difference here. And yes, my mouth always opens or i force myself to close it and make even weirder faces. haha!



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