Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thursday Threads - Going Wild

I think the theme of my summer and sprint season is "wild." I just can't shake the wonderful feeling of wildness... of being free. As free as can be, in all aspects of life. Today's post on going wild is mainly on my back yard... take a look at all that green!

When I first moved in here the back yard, where I am standing in these photos was covered in 4-5 inches of dog poop! It smelled disgusting, there were flies everywhere and it was getting tracked into my house. The front yard was just as bad. The people who lived here before me had a large dog who they never cleaned up from, and the down stairs neighbors had 2 large dogs and their 5 puppies. No one cleaned up after their dogs.
When we moved in, we asked the downstairs neighbors to clean up after their dogs. They said they would. They didn't.  It was excuse after excuse. "It's too hot. It's too cold. It's too wet. We are waiting until Saturday. We are too busy." Eventually we put a gate up so they wouldn't be able to access the backyard anymore. (It was in my contract anyways.)
For my birthday last year, Sterling shoveled up the inches and inches of dog poop and put it into their garbage can. He helped me plant grass, wild flowers and water it daily. Finally the smell went away and things became green.
This year we decided to let the backyard become wild. We aren't planning on mowing it anytime soon, and the dogs have created pathways and shelters. They love it. We have little hidden lights in the grass and wildflowers that have sprouted up throughout.
Our plan was to do a huge garden, but the new landlords won't allow it.. so we are leaving it wild.

I also tried to get my curly hair back to help me feel more wild. Unfortunatly I think it did more harm than good as I now have incredibly short patches from curling it. And I'm afraid I will be boring you with this outfit, every aspect of this is thrifted.

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  1. Wow! The backyard looks so pretty! Especially after hearing what it looked like prior before.

  2. Nothing more gross than people who don't clean up after their pets! We had a kid that would go jogging every afternoon with his dog, and his dog would leave a TRAIL of poop from the top of the street to the bottom, all along the sidewalk every. single. day. Finally, I decided to wait for him (he ran by at the same time every day) and I stopped him, and told him he should take a break, let his dog take a proper poop, clean it up, then jog down the street. We haven't had a problem since! And I love your back yard! I planted wild flowers in my front yard, I can't wait for them to grow and see how they turned out!

  3. UGH. So happy your yard is a better place now! And your outfit is darling as always. I'm dying for some fashion inspiration. Here in DC everyone looks the same, and there is a complete lack of creativity!


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