Monday, April 28, 2014

Powering Through...

I haven't blogged much lately.. and I'm pretty okay with that. I've been busy, very busy. This weekend was the weekend I decided to redo my bedroom, and I think my house makeover is mostly complete. Minus the slight cleaning and organizing that is needed now.

This weekend was especially nuts because I decided I wanted to repaint all my bedroom furniture, and it rained. If you know me, you know that that isn't going to stop me. So, I put down a giant tarp and I moved everything into my kitchen. This was a long process that left my entire house a huge disaster.
You could barely walk to the bathroom without tripping.. Both dogs were pretty stressed out from it. Wicket especially... he gets stressed out so easily. I wanted to finish the furniture by that night so I could put things back into them, the house was a giant mess, all things in the dressers and on top were out all over the floors, and the dining room furniture was in the living room making it very hard to get around. That's when the power went out.
We powered through it by candle light. It was the most stressful and hilarious weekend ever. Luckily the power came back on after about an hour.
But, the furniture turned out fantastic. I repainted them dark brown with teal details and vintage inspired papers over the drawers. Even the knobs got a new paint job.

We got us some pallets for the bed frame, but only ended up using 2.25 of them. My bedroom is way too small for the full sized pallets, so Sterling cut them down and sanded them for me. We were very careful to select the cleanest ones, clean them better, paint and varnish them. They only raised the bed by a little bit which is perfect for my small pups.

And now I have plenty of extra pallets for other projects! Sterling wants to build a bench and a hanging garden for me... but that's a project for a different weekend.

We also took down everything on the walls. I was going for a more simple look in the bedroom. We hung up a few pieces of work, and added a few plants. I'm working on some paintings for the room too, but I am planning on keeping it simple.. Well the walls and decor simple. Mostly because everything else is very extreme. I chose very deep rich colors, and a mixture of textures.

Sterling helped me hang up a canopy above the bed and some paper lanterns we found at the antique store. And now there are just the small details of finishing the paintings, and organizing the tops of the dressers... But we finished... just in time for Monday.

I will take better photos when it is all finished... but I'm very happy about the transformation. It was more expensive than I planned, and so much more stressful. But, I'm happy with the results.

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  1. Your bedroom looks like such a beautiful, creative, and inspiring environment now!

    -XO Abbigayle Rashae

  2. I love the colors you chose! It's a really cozy looking space! Great job!

  3. It all came together so nicely. I really love the paper on the drawers!


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