Monday, April 21, 2014

A Bathroom Makeover

Now that my dining room is finished, I decided to redo the bathroom. I've been taking each weekend as an opportunity to redo a room in my home. I'm not doing any big changes like painting the walls or anything like that, just changing up the furniture a bit. 
It's amazing how a simple piece of furniture can change a room so much. 
This weekend my focus was on my bathroom. I noticed that I had been using a plastic storage drawer set for a few years now. One day last week it dawned on me... I'm no longer a college student. I'm an adult and I want real furniture that looks nice. Instead of going to a furniture store and buying something brand new, I went to the thrift store and found exactly what I needed. 
I bought this little cabinet for only 3.50! It was almost the perfect size to fit under my sink.. Sterling sawed the legs off for me so it was a perfect fit. We painted it white and and I distressed it. I wanted it to have a very worn look. We also decided to make a shelf for the bathroom. We bought some really cheap wood from Home Depot and painted it the same as the cabinet. I also changed the knob out. It's a little compass to fit the theme of my bathroom. The rest was just small details. All of the decor and accessories were found at thrift stores. I did try making a rug from a knot. That was frustrating. I wanted to cry and give up. But I kind of like it now. I went and bought a new tree for the bathroom. I wish there were better ways to get pictures.. 

It's pretty fun to climb into the shower around a tree. I also have some hanging plants in the shower too. I'm totally happy with the new bathroom, even though I really only switched up a few details! 

Next weekend I plan on redoing the bedroom. 
One thing I've noticed... 
As soon as I finish one room, and start on the next, the first room ends up a total disaster! 

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  1. I love the rope shelf!


  2. whaaaat..that shelf is so COOL! i need to work on my apartment, starting with making a new shower curtain!


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