Wednesday, April 30, 2014

3rd Times a Charm

So last February I bought that continuous ink printer. Within the first month I had severe errors to where it wouldn't print. I took it into the print shop. He fixed it and gave it back. The next day it got that same error. I took it back in, and he fixed it. I brought it home and within a week or so the printer was no longer printing black! I was pretty frustrated. I picked my brand new printer up for the 3rd time yesterday. The owner of the printer shop said it should work, and I'm really putting my faith into it. Again. I've never had this bad of luck with printers. In fact, I'm an extremely lucky person. Having picked this printer up 3 times now, I know it will work... because 3rd times a charm. It's time to get some prints out! To celebrate my now perfectly working printer, I'm having a May Day sale! 

May Day used to be one of my favorite holidays in elementary school. I remember decorating a May Pole with the other kids. I know tomorrow is May Day, but it's also Beltane, which starts today..  I'm hoping to celebrate with a sale in the art shop, and a bonfire with Sterling out back. I may even make my own mini Maypole... because, why not?

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