Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Wild And Free

We've been making a goal to get out more. It kind of all started with thinking the dogs were bored from not going on adventures and staying home all day.. then I realized I was bored  from not going on adventures and staying home all day! Getting out into nature was something I used to do regularly! I would go out, find beautiful places, take fun photos of the adventures and my soul would soak up the tree's whispers. But, winter happened, and lots of work projects piled up, and before I knew it, I was too busy! What nonsense. So, we've been going out multiple times a week, and it's been wonderful. Just yesterday I fell in a river!
Here are some photos from the field we went to this last week. Meko has never been to the field before. He loved it. So much freedom for the Meko. We kept him on a pretty tight leash most of the time, since he is still in training... and starts just running and running and barking with excitement.

We spent about an hour in the field letting the sunlight kiss our noses and the wind play with out hair. All of the stress from the weeks melted away and we felt free. The dogs were allowed to be wild, and so were we.

The moment we both spotted a hawk. 

Wicket trucking along like a little ox pulling a wagon. "I think I can... I think I can..."

Dog kisses are the best kind.

Tuckered out pups.

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  1. Is it just me or does your boyfriend look more happy, relaxed and content in these pictures than in previous ones? But I might just suffer from poor memory. Have a good time and I wish you that being outside will bring your good spirits back and ease the difficult times.

  2. He is more happy and relaxed. He no longer works the job he hates so he's MUCH happier! (Hoping he doesn't read this...) Sometimes when he knows I'm taking photos of him, he does 1 or 3 poses.. he lowers his eyebrows like he's upset. or he raises his eyebrows like a goof, or he raises his lower lip like he's nervous. haha so, we've been discussing how to get photos taken of ourselves without being nervous. I think it's helping!

  3. Beautiful photos! Glad you guys had a nice day out and about! Hopefully the hubby and I can make it out soon with baby

  4. you are so cute! what fun taking pics with the go pro stick!! i would have so much fun with that! love the scenery. what a blessing to be able to go somewhere like that. love your boys hair! and the pups! yall are just adorable all over.

  5. So many bloggers make photo heavy posts that make me say to myself they need to have a better ability to choose which photos make it onto the blog. Somehow I never feel that way when you do. All your photos are so lovely and vary in how they look. Also that portrait of Spencer is amazing!!! Seriously. It could be a album or movie cover!

  6. Thanks! I felt like there were WAY too many photos! We end up taking hundreds, then I narrow it down to like 60, then I have to narrow it down even more! It's just soooo hard!!


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