Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thursday Threads - Two Dollar Corset

The title of this post kind of cracks me up... 
But, the look on my face? The one below? 
That's a look of pride. 
Because as long as I've been thrifting.. which is years and years..
I've never come across a corset like this one.
And it seriously was 2.00
So that look of pride? It's pretty deserving. 

Seriously, I've been scouring those racks for a corset for quite some time. 
Now, I just need a white lacy one. 

Corset - Thrifted
Dress - Thrifted
Books - Steve Madden

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  1. I love when I'm thrifting and get the great finds! My friends and I always find the best stuff and the thrift shops.

  2. sweet!!! i love great thrift finds!!!


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