Friday, March 14, 2014

DIY Toothpaste and Oil Pulling

I've been using "All Natural" toothpaste for years now. About 3 years ago I threw out everything in my house that wasn't all natural or organic. Including my toothpaste and deodorant. The toothpaste I was using was pretty good, but there were still a lot of mystery ingredients.. Plus I've been wanting to make myself and my home more self sufficient. Make my own soaps, shampoos, laundry detergent and now toothpaste. I figure, if I can't pronounce the name, or I have no idea what it is, it shouldn't below in or on my body. Plus, we all know fluoride is bad for the brain! So, I came up with my own toothpaste recipe, and after using it for only about a month, I'm already noticing awesome results!  

A few days ago, I showed this picture, showing off my teeth. I recently started using homemade toothpaste and it's helped whiten my teeth so much! After sharing the picture I was asked by several different people for the recipe, so I pulled one together.

First off, I bought a cute little glass jar from Hobby Lobby. I chose one with a spoon because this toothpaste is rather solid and you need to scoop it out with something. The recipe below makes 2 of these jars. I made one for me and one for Sterling who is a very patient man and actually brushes his teeth with it.

Most of these ingredients I already had in my cupboards! 
These ingredients are optional. The redmond clay was added in last minute just for added benefits. 
Some recipes don't call for oil. I would recommend the Grape Fruit Seed Oil as it has restorative properties to help rebuild teeth! 

Homemade Toothpaste 
You will need:
Organic Coconut Oil 1 cup
Baking Soda 3 Tablespoons
Redmund Clay 2 tablespoons
Essential Oils of your choice 7 drops 
(I used wintergreen) You won't be swallowing it but still make sure it's okay for consumption. 
Stevia Packets 4 packets 
Grapefruit seed Extract 10 drops

Gently heat the oil until softened or liquid, take off the heat and mix all ingredients together. 
Store in a glass container and use when cool.

Make sure you spit this out in the trashcan. NOT the sink! 

The toothpaste was very unpleasant at first from the saltiness of the baking soda, but after a few days it's not bad at all. Some say it's from the baking soda neutralizing the acids in your mouth, some say you just get use to it. Either way, prepare to hate the taste at first1 

Aside from brushing with my toothpaste I've also been oil pulling! 

It's like a mouth wash and it's super easy, just pop 1 tablespoon of solid coconut oil in your mouth and chew on it until it's liquid then swish for 20 minutes. Then spit it out in the trash! 
And yes I mean 20 minutes! It seems like a super long time, and it is at first. Try to incorporate it into your daily routine, like while you shower, get dressed or do your hair. If you want you could probably try 10 minutes in the morning and 10 at night. Your jaw won't get too tired! 

I won't go too much into oil pulling since there are so many great articles already, but just a quick summary, Oil Pulling has been around for ages and is now just getting introduced in the west. It is supposed to help pull toxins from the body as well as strengthen the teeth and jaw. It can even help with general pain or hormonal imbalances. This is a pretty great article on it. 

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  1. For the oil pulling did you mean 2 minutes not 20 that seems like a long time.

  2. Nope. 20 minutes. It is a pretty long time, but if you do it while in the shower and while you do your hair and get dressed it isn't too bad!

  3. Awesome! When I saw you post this photo the other day I was wondering what your recipe was! I really want to try this, and I'm fascinated by the oil pulling. Thanks so much for putting this up!


  4. Baking soda is really really bad for you teeth. It removes your teeth enamel and leaves your teeth unprotected. It might be okay to use this toothpaste once a month, but DO NOT use it everyday!

  5. Most toothpastes are made with baking soda. My dentist said my toothpaste would be fine to use. Baking soda being bad for teeth is a myth. It's used in quite a few toothpastes.

  6. I know I should figure this out on my own, but what do you do with what is on the toothbrush after you spit in the trash? I'm thinking rinse as usual in the sink since it's not that much and let the water run for a bit.
    I'm also wondering if the oil pulling might aggravate my TMJ. I don't chew gum for that reason. How long does it take to get the oil dissolved in your mouth?

  7. I rinse my toorhbrush in hot water and It's been fine. My sink hasn't clogged with that, by then most of the oil is gone anyways. I've actually read the oil pulling helps TMJ actually! A lot of people with TMJ were nervous about it, but I read a few things and it helped it. Also it takes about 1 minute or so for the oil to dissolve. :)

  8. Thank you for doing my homework Rachael. I feel better about the oil pulling now. Sleep well my friend when you actually go to bed. Hugs

  9. Rachael, I made the toothpaste today exactly as you wrote to do, and it wont solidify. The oil is separating from the other ingredients. I used organic coconut oil, the redmund clay, truvia, grapeseed extract, peppermint essential oil and the baking soda. I'm at a loss. I will keep stirring it and try to keep the ingredients merged. Help

  10. Nevermind Rachael. I spoke too soon. The stirring worked and it's solid enough now.


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