Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thursday Threads - Red Hood

I haven't been on much again this week. 
Each time I think, I'll blog every day! But then I stay up way too late, and then don't get around to posting or thinking about posting until like 2am, but by then I'm halfway through a project or up to my elbows in paint. This week I've been trying to focus on illustrations, but then other projects come up.
I'm very scattered.

I've had a fabulous week that I will tell you more about tomorrow. 
Today I'm focusing a lot of getting some illustrations done.
I get to illustrate a vampire book. 
And I'm excited. I get to use lots of reds. Red is one of my favorite colors. 
It's actually a story about Little Red Riding Hood, but she's a vampire. 
It's awesome. 

So, in honor of Little Red Riding Hood, I'm posting a quick outfit photo including a red hood before I get to work on illustrating! 
This dress is so warm and comfortable. I love the grey, and the fabulous slit going up the side. 
But, it was cold the day these were taken. I wasn't sure what kind of coat or sweater to pair with a long dress! So I went with red, since it's one of my favorites.. And I chose a longer sweater. 
I actually love the way it looked. And of course I tied it all together with a thrifted scarf.

Grey Dress - Romwe
Scarf - Thrifted 
Red Cardigan - Thrifted

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  1. Love this boho look. Can't wait to hear about the story!

  2. Let's hear it for A Fabulous Week! I've enjoyed looking at your blog and I like your style, photography & writing voice.


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