Sunday, February 16, 2014


I've become nocturnal lately. It's happened since Sterling no longer is working. And we've just been staying up later and later, and waking up later and later. It has been taking a lot of adjusting for me.. because I put a lot on times. For example, I usually like to have a blog posted by 2pm, but that's when I've been waking up! So, I've been adjusting to an alternative sleep cycle, and I've had some trouble keeping up with the blog! So you may be seeing some blog posts at random times now.

I've been working in the studio, and working on book illustrations! I'm planning a bigger post soon. Promise.

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  1. I function SO much better on a nocturnal schedule but, unfortunately, parenting sort of prevents that from being an okay thing. :/ So I stay up late, during my 'creative' hours...and then get up at 6:30 to take the kids to school. /sigh.

    I hope you get your new schedule worked out!

  2. My daughter's recent response when asked which animals are nocturnal included "Mumma'. So that tells you what I'm like! A nocturnal creature living with 2 morning people! It's hard work. I work full time but prefer to stay up late, usually until around 11.30 on weeknights. After hubby and daughter have gone to bed, this gives me a few hours to unwind and do my own thing.

  3. I'm most definitely more of a nocturnal person. The only downside is I can get deficient in Vit D which is no good for my depression. I also really miss the sunlight. I suspect you are quite similar to me so make sure you stock up on your vit D and light. If you're not getting it through natural means then its worth investing in a light box and vit D tablets.


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