Monday, February 17, 2014

Happenings, and a Sale!

So, I've been busy. These last few weeks have been crazy busy, and I'm incredibly lucky for it. You guys all know, I'm giving this whole work from home thing a go. The beginning of this month has been great! Shipping lots of paintings, prints and doing commissions. I've loved every minute of it. In fact I've got another huge box to ship tomorrow.
I was even able to get the printer I've been DYING to get! And, I'm in love. Here is a little bit about my new printer.  First of all, his name is Harry Potter. He's an HP printer, and I say, "Yer a printer Harry." every time I see him. I'm not even a huge Harry Potter fan! But I sure do love my new printer! That test print they did resembles my face upon seeing my printer for the first time!

This printer was specially made for me! Well, re-made that is...  It was a bit pricey, but I'm thinking it will be 100% worth it.
It's a continuous ink printer. There are little jugs on the side of it that constantly feed Harry Potter the Printing Wizard ink. It shouldn't run out of ink for a while... and it's soooo fun to watch. The print quality is fabulous too.

And of course, if you get an artist a new printer, they will need a new shelf to put it on.
If you get a new shelf to put it on, you will need to repaint the knobs, then decide you need totally new ones, which still don't do it justice so you will probably need to repaint the knew knobs too.

And if you get an artist a new shelf with newly painted knobs, you will need to get a new lamp, rug, baskets and containers, and while you are at it, just redecorate the studio!

And if you redecorate the studio, you might as well go to Ikea for other little elements needed in the newly decorated shop. And at Ikea, you might as well take a nap when you are lost in the maze. 
Don't forget to top the entire ordeal off by shopping for shipping supplies and being allowed to cut your own bubble wrap. And being so excited about it you dance down the aisles in a merry fashion. 

Okay, let's take this down a notch... 
Cause this hasn't been all fun and games and dancing with a bubble wrap flag.
I've been under a ridiculous amount of stress too! 

I received an email from my publisher, I'm now able to start the sequel to Cinderskella! 
(pssst go buy it!)
While this is great news, it's also super, mega, mind blowingly stressful. 
My dead line is in like a month... and I have 80 illustrations due! 

I jaw dropped when I saw that email.
Good thing I don't have a day job eh?

So, what this means is a lot of late nights for me. 
(It's 7:10 am as I type this. I have yet to sleep tonight!)
It also means no more custom paintings until after April. 
I'm so sorry about this, I currently have a waiting list you are welcome to hop on! 
Hat turn around time is about a week as well..
And new paintings and the Tarot Deck is on hold until after April.

Good thing time goes by fast when you are having fun??

The wrist brace was introduced after only 5 of 80 illustrations... eeek! 

I spoke with the publisher about the crazy amount of work that needs to get done in such little time, as last year for the first book I had only 40 or so illustrations to do in 6 months. He offered to cut the illustrations in half... but I couldn't do it.

I would much rather work my butt off and be proud of the work I do, rather than chicken out and only do half the work. So, if I ever "complain" about this, it's not really complaining, because to be honest, I love stress, and I love the way it fuels me. I was just explaining to Sterling how I need that stress in my life. I need deadlines, and a good amount of a challenge. It's how I thrive...

I'm very excited for this stressful busy time in my life. I'm excited about the new printer too! I've been wanting it for a very long time.. and I'm Very excited.  So I've decided to have a sale all week! This sale is in the art shop only this time.. since I don't have 3 hours to spend on hats right now. I can't wait for you guys to see the quality of these prints! Plus I'll try to include some special goodies in the packages this week too.
Enter the code THANKU35 for 35% off everything in the art shop. I still have some sale paintings up, so you can take an additional 35% off those paintings that are marked down. The sale lasts all week!

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  1. Wow, so much going on and so much GOOD stuff! Congrats on everything!



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