Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thursday Threads - Golden Light

These photos were taken a while ago. The world where I love is much more grey with bits of snow everywhere. I miss the golden light from the sun through the fall leaves.
But I can feel Spring is on it's way again. I've never been too fond of Winter. 
I like fall the best. The golden glow, the crunchy leaves, and the light jackets and the scarves.
I shouldn't be craving fall.. especially since it's so far away! 

Dress - Romwe
Jacket - Romwe
Scarf - Nowistye
Boots - Papaya 

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  1. So beautiful, Rachael! I love this outfit. :)

    This is Gentri, the girl who stopped you in DI. haha My friend and I were talking about how cute you are and how we loved your hair! It was so fun meeting you, thanks for stopping to chat for a minute! :)

  2. Gorgeous scenery and I love that dress!

  3. Gentri! It was so nice meeting you!! What a wonderful small world!! xxx

  4. So lovely. Really embodying that spring energy.


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