Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I've been a bit scattered lately. I posted yesterday's giveaway totally later than I normally post! I rushed home from the post office snapping at Sterling all the way. I was very frustrated with myself, and kind of took it out on him by snapping when he cut it close at a yellow light. Not sure why I'm admitting this.. maybe if he sees a public apology he will think I'm super extra adorable and forgive me. Not that he hasn't..
Oh yes! The giveaway! Click here to enter to win this dress! 
Don't forget that tomorrow it goes on sale for super cheap, and you can take an additional 10 % off the dress on the 23rd only with the code forVday. Or see if you can win it! 

I think it would look totally cute with some lace leggings, or thigh highs with a bowler hat. It's a tad short for my liking, so I'll probably pair it with some tights too. 

Also, as of yesterday... all of the new art is listed! 

I have a few paintings on reserve currently. But there are some originals left as well as prints! Also if you like Goddess... I can paint more just like her, smaller, or bigger, or different. I've had a lot of interest in her.. which makes me happy. She is my favorite. I plan on doing a bunch like her.
Check out the shop here. 
And if you've had your eyes on an original painting, now is the best time to get it or reserve it! I'm getting rid of lots of older work! Check out the sale section here. I can put stuff on reserve, and honor the sales price too.

And I want to end this scattered post with a huge THANK YOU. I was going through orders yesterday when I was shipping, and I noticed several of you have purchased so much from me. I've had some people buy several hats, like over 10! And some people have bought over 10 art prints. I saw this and was totally floored and overwhelmed with the love and support I feel from you all. Even those who haven't bought a thing, but just read this silly blog. You guys are making this girl's dreams come true, and I can't thank you enough for it. Seriously.

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