Monday, January 13, 2014

Productive Days

This weekend was fantastic and full of my favorite things. Sterling and I went to our favorite antique and thrift stores. Found some really fantastic books, Sterling bought me a fire opal and pearl ring so I could always feel like a princess. We went to our favorite holistic and new age shops, and our new favorite "witchy" store, Gypsy Caravan. We spent so much time out and about in our favorite places together.  Our book shelves are overflowing with books. And my kitchen counters are overflowing with new herbs and oils.

We got home from our adventure and I started on projects. In one night, I made a rug from clearance placemats. I revamped a little cabinet from a thrift store into a little shelf to display my crystals. I also made some bath salts for aches and pains and relaxation. And even got a little painting done.


I love busy, full, productive weekends like this. 

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