Tuesday, January 14, 2014

To Be Added

Witchy woman has been completed. And I love her.  
I started her way back in August! 
And she is finally completed.

I will be adding her to the shop in a week or so for 250.00. 
But, I've mentioned on facebook and instagram that if anyone from my blog, facebook, or instagram wants her I'm selling her for only 200.00 shipped. So, message me if you want her! 

And this one was a gift for my little sister. But, I will still be adding it to the shop for a custom order.
It will be a little Valentine's Special! You get to pick the color scheme, and the initials! 
I'll be offering 11x17, 8x10, and 5x7 for gifts this season. 

And I'm so happy to announce I've gotten back to starting my Tarot Deck again. 
It's been nice to finally get back to it. 

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  1. Everything looks stunning! I really love that initial Valentine's special tree! It's so pretty!


  2. I love all of it! As usual. lol! I love the pops of red you added in the first one, with the rose and feathers. I love the little heart shaped leaves in the second one too =). I can't wait to see your full Tarot deck when you are finished.


  3. I seriously love the tree one! I think it's neat you will be doing custom orders of it for Valentine's Day.


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