Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thursday Threads - Stripes and Straps

I found this amazing sweater at the thrift store. It even has pockets! 
I love shirts sweaters and dresses with pockets. 
And this one is amazing and soft.

I've been home painting a lot lately, and haven't even left the house much.
I went to the post office the other day and slipped on some warm comfy clothes.
My striped sweater, fleece lined leggings and my army boots with straps. 

I was asked to do a product review by
I'm super in love with the fleece lined leggings. I've never felt so warm in leggings! They are super comfortable and warm. I kid you not, they are my favorite pair of leggings ever.. and I own like a million pairs of leggings. I'm not too sure how I like the front or the back of these. But, if I wear a long enough shirt it's not a big deal. 
And these boots. I'm in total love with these too. I had a pair of brown combat boots that my roommate borrowed. And she ended up breaking the zipper! So, I've been needing a new pair, and these ones are perfect. The top part can be folded down, or worn up high like how I have them, and I adore the straps. I love how comfortable these boots are. 
The shipping was super fast from at least for me it was. But mine was shipped with DHL. I'm not sure how quick the shipping is with standard shipping, but shipping is based on weight, so if you order something heavy, like boots it will cost about the same price as the boots to ship them. 

Sweater - Thrifted 
Leggings - DressLily
Boots - DressLily

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  1. I have a sweater almost exactly like yours, but with slightly different colors. I got it at a yard sale and I love it so much, especially since it has pockets.


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