Monday, November 11, 2013

Loosing Memory

so, i had a rough weekend.
let me tell you about it.

first off, it started with plans. plans to make pizza, enjoy root beer floats, and stay awake painting and laughing with my sweetheart. the festivities were to begin friday night.. but Wicket started acting weird. weirder than normal. he threw up on Tuesday, and was acting lethargic all week. i of course panicked. took him to the vet in frantic tears with my savings account in hand. (vet's can be sooo expensive. i'm still paying off Mowgli's bills!)
this would be teary-eye me listening to wick's stomach and lungs while we waited for the doctor. i was a wreck.
of course, the vet came in, listened to his heart and lungs with real tools, checked his temperature, which no one enjoyed. wicket screamed. and everything was fine. the only thing wrong was his teeth were a little dirty.
by the time i made it home, i was exhausted from the ordeal. pizza didn't happen, and neither did painting.

then on Saturday we were sure to have our fun pizza and painting night. we went out to run a few errands, and just as we were about done and on our way back, i dropped my phone in the parking lot.
 i was in shock. i loved my phone! i used it for everything. i was pretty devastated. so, i took it into the store, and had to buy a brand new one. the savings i had for Wicket if he was sick went into buying me a new phone. oh, so much money was spent. i'm still hurting.
we had plans to hang out with friends that night, so i decided to quickly set up my phone.
but i ran into a problem.

my old phone was a 16gb, and my new phone was an 8gb. they no longer sell the 16gb. so, my new phone didn't have enough room for all of my old phone's data, so it wouldn't let me transfer.
Then there was a problem with my apple id, and my icloud, and my old phone was getting all sorts of internal errors and not staying connected long enough to download any data, and i had to buy a program to retrieve it. (worth it.) we planned to hang out around 9, but i was working with that new phone and all those stinking passwords until 3 in the morning.
i was soooo bummed that i lost half my storage space. i wanted to take my phone back, and have them order in a 16gb. I would have to pay the restocking fee, and 50.00 for a new phone. what a joke. i was so pissed that this happened to me. i was so mad that this ruined my day. i was frustrated, i was tired, and i was sad.

then i remembered, it's just a stupid phone. i don't need 4000 pictures on it. i don't need any of that music since i listen to pandora all the time instead. i don't use a phone for games, or anything like that. i don't need the biggest, bestest, newest things.. that's not me!
i realized how silly i was acting. how materialistic i was being. so, i told Sterling, "we don't need to go to the apple store to trade it in. i'll stop being a big baby."
because honestly, i have an iphone. it's not the newest one, it doesn't have the most storage, but it works. it does what i need it to do, and there are more important things in life. oh, did i feel silly.
and as soon as i changed my mind about the situation, my old phone was able to stay plugged in long enough for me to select the pictures i wanted and copy them to my computer. all the sudden my apple id and my icloud worked enough for me to get my contacts. just as the old phone gave up completely.

and i looked at my new phone, none of the settings were the same as my last one. normally the apple id will transfer ringtones, sounds, keyboards, and even wallpapers over. mine didn't. default everything. and i felt refreshed. what a beautiful new start i have with this phone.
and i took it a step further. i deleted all contacts that i haven't talked to in the last month.
i only have 500 pictures on it now. i got rid of all apps that i never used.
and i still have half of my memory available.

of course, the loss of my new printer money still hurts.. but i'll figure something out.
because there are more things to life than silly phones and silly printers.
this weekend taught me a lot! Mercury was retrograde, which effects communications and electronics big time.. it also taught me to be a bit more careful. don't carry so much at once, and i need to remember to back things up often. we did end up eating pizza. last night. and as for painting? well, i can do that any time. i need to stop thinking it's a weekend only thing.

oh, and wish Meko luck.. tomorrow is his vet appointment. he's getting vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped and neutered.

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  1. Don't even talk to me about vet bills! Can you not insure your babies? Glad Wicket is ok and that you managed to sort out your phone! Good luck Meko!

  2. Glad you got everything sorted out! It never ceases to amaze me how much changing my thoughts can change a situation :)
    Also, I know this wasn't the point, but, is there not a spot for a mini sd card in your new phone? Might be nice for the future if you do want to put more music or photos on there.
    And of course, good luck to Meko :D


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