Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Oh my goodness. I've been so tired lately. My brain hasn't been able to function before noon in months.
Ever since starting to work full time at home, I've had the hardest time waking up and getting to work before noon. I still get the work I need to done, I still get to bed at a decent time, I'm just having the hardest time waking up. Even Wicket and Meko enjoy sleeping in until noon.
This is my second time returning to full time self employment, and it's much harder this time. Back then I was able to be up by nine, and working until midnight. I still work until midnight, I'm just having a much harder time waking up before noon, and being motivated to work.

I'm sure a lot of it is just complaining, and being stuck in a funk. In fact, I'm betting that's most of it. I guess the point of this post is to publicly state, that I'm trying.  By 10 pm I'm so awake and energized, as I lay down to sleep I feel focused and excited to wake up early to get stuff done, but by morning, the cycle starts over again.

I've already found this great article, which turned up the mirror quite a bit.

I guess there is always work to be done, always self improvement, an this is my current trial.
Today I was  able to wake up at 7am to get Meko to the vet for his surgery by 8. I then came home and slept again. I'm not usually like that. I'm normally a very energetic person.

If you have been in this same rut, or you also work from home full time, give me some tips on getting up and getting work done! I'm open for advice.

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  1. I have trouble with the mornings too. I AM SO NOT a morning person! I think it helps to have a routine, and planned time to do something you enjoy in the morning, like say sit with your favorite tea or coffee and read, do some yoga stretches (especially this), get your body moving, slowly and gently. I have been working on this and whenever i remember to do stretches (i really need to write notes for myself everywhere!) I feel more focused and ready to go. It's really about disciplining yourself to do what needs to be done. Just make the choice to get up, and once you are up, things get easier. Make sure to do things during the day that involve physical activity. It is so easy to get tired after sitting for so long, it makes you tired even if you are not. It may even help to reward your self for getting up early, like say getting to see the sun rise or treating yourself to the cafe.

    Sometimes the things you do before bed really affect how you are in the morning. If you are having trouble falling asleep, take 30 mins to relax and read, or take a supplement like melatonin (I take it and it helps me to dose right off to sleep). Are you drinking anything with caffeine? Going right to bed after you have been working? Those things will keep you alert and awake. I hope you find something that helps!

  2. I'm glad to know I am not the only adult out there having a hard time waking up at a normal hour! A couple months ago I went on a healthy kick, eating raw and working out every day, either going for a run or doing the Insanity workouts. I was amazed at how good I felt and how much energy I had. I was so much more productive, and always made sure to start the day with a healthy breakfast where I would sit down and enjoy eating, not just grabbing something quick and rushing out the door. But I hurt my knee, and couldn't work out for a month. Now my knee has healed I have put off getting back into the old workout routine but I can really tell I need to! I can't force myself out of bed before 10:30am and am still a slug the entire day.

  3. I've been feeling 100% like this, and so has Jen, and our kitties have been more tired lately as well. I think we're all going through a hibernation phase. You've also had a LOT of stress this year, and especially lately!!! I'm working on napping when I feel tired, and also on Holistic Mornings, which is a challenge by a lovely lady named Jessikat.

  4. My guess would either be seasonal depression (I sometimes get it this time of year but not usually until after Christmas) or just too much stress in your life is wearing you out physically/emotionally. Can you take a couple days off and relax? Also, I know for me once I'm in the habit of letting myself sleep in, it's really difficult to get out of that habit. I just have to start forcing myself to get up and eventually I adjust.

  5. I've been having this *exact* same problem. The only way around it, really, is to force yourself to stay awake instead of going back to sleep in the morning. After a few days, you'll be exhausted by the time a normal 'bedtime' rolls around, and can go to sleep. I started doing that (thanks to the toddler forcing me to stay awake) and I've been ready to pass out by 10pm for weeks, now, but the hubs is always still up and I can't sleep with Grand Theft Auto on the television. lol.

  6. If you sleep a normal amount of hours per day, who cares when they happen? When I was self employed the first time, i slept for about 6 hours at night, then had an hour or so long nap in the afternoon. It worked great!
    Don't worry too much, unless you're not getting your work done :)


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