Monday, September 16, 2013

Versatile and Colorful

The other day I was thinking,
It's been a while. 
A while since I made a new hat for the shop! 
So, I decided to revamp some of the designs, and make them as versatile as possible, 
yet also as simple as possible. 
With tons of color possibilities. 

So, I worked my butt off last week making sample hats, photographing, and collecting yarn colors. 
I'm pretty excited about this new option. 
You go to pick the style of the hat, either the knit beanie, or the slouchy crocheted hat.
Then you get the option to choose your color.
You can pick between the 16 I have, 
but if for some reason, you'd like a different color.
Like a darker purple, or a brighter green...
I will go on a quest for your perfect color.
Meaning, each hat is made with YOU in mind.

I made two styles. 

The first style is very similar to a hat already in the shop, but this one is made with a thinner yarn, and slightly bigger. It's very warm, yet still light weight. I've worn this hat on cold days, and warm days and it seems to be just right no matter what the weather is! The net stitch gives it a lace like, feminine look. Which I just love. If you order one of the colors you see here, your hat will ship tonight! If you happen to order any other color, I will get started on your hat tonight and have it out by the end of this week. 

The Second Style is also one that's been in the shop, but also slightly different. These are the basic slouch beanie.. but they are anything but basic. They might look plain, but every single stitch is done by hand, by me. This new revamped hat has a slightly tighter stitch, and is a little bit longer in the back. Meaning you can wear it on the back of your head like pictured, or you can fold the brim up for a more snug look. These hats are  great on both girls and guys. It's a very simple hat, but getting the exact color you want will make it stand out! Order one of the ones you see now, and it will ship today. If you order any other color, I will start making it tonight and ship within a week. 

Remember that each stitch is done by hand. These hats often take hours to do.
And I only knit or crochet when I'm happy so only happiness goes into them!
The result, is a happy hat, with lots of love put into every stitch. 
The custom nature of these hats make it so every hat is just for the buyer. 
A perfect gift for yourself, or a loved one.

Remember, the hat shop will only be open until this fall!
Get em while you can.. before the weather gets too cold!

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  1. I love the sunshine style one. Geez I wish I had awesome knitting talents like that! You should have a class to teach people!


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