Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tarot Readings

I'm pretty nervous and excited about this post. All at once. I know. I'm nervous about the "What will people think aspect." Because that's still something I consider for some reason. I'm learning not to.

And it's exciting, because this is something I've wanted to be doing for a long time.
And doing something you feel you were meant for, is exciting. 

Getting laid off from my job made me angry enough to not want to join the work force again.
Instead it gave me the seeds I needed to plant, to do my own thing even more.

I've really had some time to work on my blog and art...
It's been great. Especially with the new illustrations I'll need to do in the coming months.

But, I figured, there must be something more I can do right now.So, I thought about my talents, and the things that I like doing...and I remembered how I've always loved The Tarot. And how I'm pretty good at it. I've been studying it for years. It's something that I've always loved and felt I had a connection to. 

So, I decided to peruse reading Tarot online.

I have had so many questions.. like should I start a new website? What do I charge? Do online readings work? Should I try to join another website? 

So many questions...

So I looked around at some of the top Tarot websites. How could I be an online Tarot Reader like the rest of the readers on that site? And a few days later I got a message back. 
After a phone interview and some extremely nerve wracking test readings, I'm excited to say that I'm officially part of The Lotus Tarot Website.This is one of the top Professional Tarot Reading websites out there.So, I'm feeling extremely honored to have gotten a reply from the owner.

I'll be posting a lot more about The Tarot in the coming months, and I'll be near my computer a lot more offering readings! 

Here is a bit from my new Tarot Page.

Here is a bit about me and my readings.

Since I was young I had a connection to the spirit world. I had the ability to sense people's energy, see and hear spirits, and connect and speak to animals. Over the years I have developed, and learned to harness this connection. I first began meditating when I was 14 years old and met my Spirit Guide. I was given insight into my life and I learned some very spiritual things. I met my animal totem when I was young and ever since have had a very beautiful connection with The Wolf. 
From there on, I continued to get messages from my guide. I follow my instincts, and my intuition. I later moved around the country and during that time I became a psychic medium for a paranormal investigating company. During that time I met some wonderful teachers who taught me intuitive healing, energy work, Reiki, and channeling spirits. 

I am an experienced tarot card reader and intuitive healer. I've read and studied Tarot for many years. My readings are a combination of Tarot, Astrology, Intuition and Messages I receive from my guide. When we start chatting I will often ask for your birthday to assist in the readings. Once we start chatting, I will connect with my guide, and your guides to help answer your questions. 
I often use the Celtic Tarot Spread for deep and thorough answers. I understand some are in a time crunch, especially if you are paying by the minute. If that's the case, I will pull a spread meant just for you. This will usually be a 6 card spread, until all of your questions are answered. I will connect to you, I will tell you what you genuinely need to know, what is really happening now and what will happen soon.
Want a reading with me?
  You can get live readings done at Lotus Tarot!
Where I will be reading cards via phone calls, chat and email.
Visit me now!
I will eventually be doing dream interpretations, astrology and moon readings and advice,  paranormal readings, interpretation.
I'm very very excited to be a part of the professional Lotus Tarot Team! 

I am non-judgemental regarding race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion, and will not judge you based on whatever situation you are in. I'm a good listener and if the info in the reading turns out to be undesirable,  we can discuss ways that you can change that outcome by doing things differently.  The future is never set in stone. 
My readings and services do not constitute legal, psychological or medical advice. Psychic readings are for your personal entertainment and guidance. I do not take the place of a qualified health care professional, clergy or counselor. I will not take responsibility for the choices you make. I will help guide you and empower you to see your present and future with clarity.
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  1. Yay! I'm so happy for you! I have been meaning to email you back, but the spread you did for me was amazing. It really helped me see things more clearly and understand where I am right now. Thank you! and this is from someone who is fairly skeptical of psychic-like stuff.
    I know you will do well with this!

  2. Fantastic Rachael, that's wonderful! I have been using Lotus Tarot for a bit over a couple months now utilizing their free online readings, but I will definitely move forward with a paid reading! Love & light!

  3. Good for you! Fantastic! I really hope it goes well for you. Would you mind if I posted about it on my blog. I think quite a lot of people would be interested. My mum does tarot but due to my dad's severe dislike she doesn't do it much. It's a fantastic medium.

  4. That's really fantastic and exciting!

  5. This is so exciting! Congrats on starting this new chapter for yourself. Also, these photos are all so beautiful and makes me a little jealous I can't have candles in my new apartment.

  6. That's so awesome! Happy for you Rachael!

    PS I did the free reading on the website just now and wow was it accurate and made me feel so much better. In fact, I saved it so I can read it again later. I think I shall start looking into tarot a lot more...

  7. So cool, I'd definitely be interested in a reading sometime!

  8. Huzzah! Glad you are taking this leap!

  9. Tell that handsome man of yours that these photos are some of the most stunning I've seen of you, yet! He does a good job!

    And, I'm *thrilled* you're following your heart, ladyfriend. <3 Congrats on the new venture!

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