Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Huge Art Sale!

I really enjoy painting. So much that I have tons and tons of canvases. Sadly I'm running out of room! Almost all of the paintings in my shop no longer feel like "My Style." (If you are an artist, you totally know what I mean.) And they are taking up so much room. So, I decided to do a bold thing...

I decided to clear out my inventory by having a huge art sale.
I reduced over 50 original paintings by 50%! 
Some of these paintings are huge, and some are small..
But each one is now priced 50% off it's original price.

The sale will last about a month, and after the sale, these paintings will be taken down forever. 
(If you want one, but can't get it for more than a month, message me and I will reserve it for you.) 

Check out my sale section.  Share, tweet, and spread the word...  I would really appreciate the help in finding these paintings homes! I can't wait for the new line, but I've got to find space first!!

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