Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thursday Threads - Moonlit Walks

Sterling and I went out into the woods to take some photos, but with this changing seasons, it got darker a little sooner than we expected. I of course was grumpy because the pictures were dark, and I didn't want to wear the outfit AGAIN the next day just for pictures! Sterling was grumpy cause he just woke up and thought I was blaming him for sleeping too long. Which I wasn't. Not even secretly. So we went home with scowls on our faces... but then after editing the photos a bit, we decided this is our favorite photo set to date.

Sterling says it's cause I'm so pretty.
I said it's cause he's such a great photographer.

Funny thing, no one mentioned the blame, or the grumpiness, or the fact that anyone napped too long, (he didn't) and there was no secret blame. (I actually have worn this outfit like 3 times since these photos... cause I love it!!)

Sometimes the sun sets sooner than we expect, and things don't turn out exactly like we planned. But, they still turn out.

We decided these photos have such a cool color to them, they look like walking in the woods under a Full Moon. So, in honor of yesterday's Full Moon, we call these Moonlit Walks.

Cardigan : Romwe 
Leggings : Romwe
Sneaker Heels : Romwe

I'm going to need better pictures of that bracelet.. but, seriously check out A Little Bit Fancy .
 Amazing stuff.  My "style" is an interesting one.. I love native prints, gypsy/boho style mixed with goth, mixed with classy fanciness. I'm pretty sure this bracelet has all of that. 
Plus, it's great quality! 
Check out her stuff, and her ad is even on the side bar.
 Grab yourself something from A Little Bit Fancy .
You will love it. 
I'm hoping to get this one soon! I saw this a few days ago and my heart jumped. 
It's beautiful. 

And check it out! My friends at Romwe are having a sweater sale. 
It lasts only 48 hours. 
Go grab one! 

I just did... See that one above? YES! 
It's coming to live with me. 
I can't wait for fall. 

Sweaters, leggings, Salted Caramel Mocha, boots, hats, crisp air, crunchy leaves?
Yes please

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  1. I have to agree that these photos look amazing! Of course you look beautiful!

  2. I think the pictures turned out great! They look magical! I'm so ready for fall too!

  3. This outfit is the exact kind of thing I literally LIVE in. I really love it, including the bracelet!! And it does look as though the photos were taken under a full moon. Gorgeous.

  4. I love the way things like that work out! You're so right- things always turn out. Not always as planned. But they do.

  5. where are these woods you speak of? i need new places to explore. provo is getting so boring ha ha.

  6. I love my post!!! Thank you so much!! The photos are fabulous!!! XO



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