Monday, September 9, 2013

I'm a Grumpy Girl

I'm so grumpy. The whole last week was "One of Those Weeks." You know, where everything goes wrong. I don't want to list everything, since I think that would bring up some bad memories, but it was a hard week...
The new puppy was causing all sorts of problems. Wicket was the unhappiest I've ever seen him and wouldn't even snuggle me. She was also terrified of Sterling and refused to be around him. We also found out I couldn't keep her at this house because of the lease.. So we had to find her a new home.

Then we had to get the rugs professionally cleaned because she had a lot of accidents.

I found out a new business venture I wanted to do required a windows only platform, so I've been trying to get Parallel's Desktop to run Windows, but it's slowed my computer way down. I haven't been able to use my computer at all since THURSDAY. No orders, no blog posts, no work at all.

Then Saturday, Sterling and I went to get a new screen protector put on our phones.. 3 hours later we need to go back because the person who put them on, put way too much solution on, and gave our phones water damage. He was so sorry and told me to come back on Monday for a refund and new screen protectors, and anything else that needed to be replaced.
So, I went back in today to talk to the manager, and the manager refused to help me. My phone battery will no longer hold a charge, and the screen protector was not staying on. I asked for the replacement parts, and the new screen protector and the refund. This guy yelled at me! He was so rude and inconsiderate. It's such a good thing I went without Sterling... because this guy would have got hit in the face. (Hopefully..)
I ended up calling HIS boss, but I'm still waiting back to hear from him.

This entire week has been nuts. Like beyond just a bad week.. I haven't blogged, or got ANY work done since Thursday..
So, I'm sorry. If you are waiting on orders, I'm doing my very best..
I'm currently trying to answer all emails, conversations and messages.
Get out all open orders.
Work on my sponsorship page
and get a new page for Tarot Readings..

Please be patient. It's been rough.

So rough we spent all night cleaning the house, and did a full on cleansing ceremony.

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  1. Sounds really rough! We had a tough week over here too. Just like that, one thing after another. And we too, did a thorough cleansing of the house. I am optimistic that this week will be fresh and new and kinder. I hope you feel that too. <3

  2. If the phone people don't honor their work I'd tell people on Yelp and Facebook to avoid them. They did the damage, they should fix it.

  3. Holy crap! Since last week was that horrendous, this week should definitely be much better.

  4. Everyone needs to be a healthy person in their whole life. No one wants to feel suffer about their beauty at all

  5. <3 I am so, so sorry, friend. I hate when a manager is rude! Jen and I once dealt with an absolutely horrible one for both an internet company, and Wal-Mart. Ugh. I hope your phone issues gets fixed - and fast! I hope this week will be much easier on all of you.

  6. I'm sorry you had a rough week! I wonder if there was something in the air. It's amazing what cleansing a house can do!

  7. Oh I did! I ended up talking to the regional manager yesterday. He's getting us some new batteries at least..

  8. Ugh. I hate when managers are rude!! I've been a manager before, and I've had plently of opportunities to be rude, but I never take it! It's unprofessional!


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