Tuesday, September 10, 2013

From Grumpy To Grateful

In the midst of working yesterday, something happened to my eye. My contact may have been dirty, or my eye got scratched while taking it out. If you wear contacts you know the pain I'm in. I have to wear my glasses today and keep tissues at hand while my eye keeps watering. I had to sleep with an ice pack last night because my eye is so swollen and has a fever in it. Sleeping is the only thing that has dulled the sharp pain so far.. but I can't sleep much longer. I've got way too much work to do. Last week already set me back so far, and now I can't see or look at anything bright. It's rough when getting my rent paid for depends on me looking at this computer screen. I'm frustrated to say the least.. and I'm growing worried about getting bills paid since I've been out so long. It seems everything I try to accomplish is backfiring lately.. And my pile of To-Dos just keeps piling up... and my list of things I should do to further business are staying untouched. And every time I move my eye, I get a sharp pain in my eye, and a dull ache in my head.. and my eyes starts to water, and my nose gets stuffy and the pain cycle starts all over again. I'm getting so frustrated with these last few days.. And whenever I try to move forward something goes wrong. And if I took things easy, and if I took a day off to relax, how would I ever get the bills paid? I know this post is a bunch of complaining, but sometimes I need it.. Because right now, I'm having trouble seeing clearly, which means I'm having trouble thinking clearly.

Wow.. I'm glad I walked away from this. I was about to post this, but decided to take a shower to think of a title or a photo to go with it. I sat there and thought, am I really going to post that? Well, of course it's MY blog. I can post whatever I want! Then I kept thinking, "well... eventually you are going to read that, and remember how you let a bad day really get to you. Sure your eye hurts, but give it a rest. Cheer up. Get over it. Get out of your pajamas, eat some bacon and move on."

I thought, okay... fine self. I'll cheer up.
So I did.

I showered. And in the shower I thought of all the things I was grateful for. I thought of the wonderful blessings I have in my life. I thought of all the happy things in my life, and my sadness seemed to go down the drain like a lot of my pink hair color.

And as I got out of the shower I made a plan for the rest of the day.

I ate some bacon, and made some hot cocoa, cause those are my favorite things..

I sent Sterling his weekly email of funny things I find on the internet. 
Something I might even start doing on this blog...
Cause laughing is really good.. 

I decided to embrace the day of no make up, comfy clothes and focus on things other than my troubles.

Cause the more I focus on how much my eye hurts, the more it hurts.
The more I focus on bills, the more come.
The more I focus on anxiety, the more reasons I have to be anxious.
As I was getting ready to finish this blog post, my inner self kept reminding myself of the Law of Attraction, and how I have been attracting all of these hardships to me, and by living in them, I've been attracting more.. and my inner self kind of keeps pointing at me saying "I told you so!"

And so if you need me.. I'll be working, and drinking cup after cup after cup of hot cocoa with lotsa marshmallows.  Being happy no matter what, and being grateful for all the little things in life.

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  1. Have you tried wearing a temporary eye patch to keep the light out of your sore eye? There isn't any chance that you got a piece of metal in your eye is there? That happened to my ex-husband once and he actually had a ring of rust around the metal. Please take care of yourself.

  2. You are a real fighter and a huge inspiration for me, I hope someday I can be a little like you. And I have to say you are so beautiful without make up that I can't believe.

  3. Mmm, cocoa & happy thoughts, two of my most favorite things! Chin up buttercup for this too shall pass! :D

  4. Bacon always makes things better. Taking a step back (or away) and a shower helps too but mostly it's the bacon. ;-) I have yet to comment on your hair but I love it! I love the pink and I loved it when it was cotton candy colored. I don't color my hair but if I did I would totally want to color it crazy colors. Hope your eye heals ASAP!

  5. I really love the way you worked on turning your thoughts around. I tend to have a hard time doing that, so it's a bit inspiring to see someone else trying. I do hope things to start to go a little easier for you + I certainly hope your eye feels better soon! Though you look pretty cute in those glasses, so I hope that helps make up for it a bit.

  6. I love your attitude and hope everything will be ok soon, the eye, the to-do lists,...

  7. you look nice in glasses!
    be well. live well. thrive.

    - s


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